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The Top 7 Fall Fashion Trends For 2018

    Hi Babes,

    Although I am sad that summer is over, I am SUPER excited for fall fashion! There’s something about plaid skirts, baggy oversized sweaters, and cuddling up by a fire that makes me so excited. 

    So today, I wanted to share the top the top 7 fall fashion trends for 2018 with you all in hopes of inspiring you to step outside of your comfort zone this fall!

    Let’s begin!

    1. Leopard Print:

    Leopard print and animal prints, in general, are SO in this fall and I’m not mad about it! Zebra and leopard print are all over the catwalks this fashion season and most stores are selling tons of this print.

    2. Check Print:

    Checkered skirts, dresses, and shoes are being sold everywhere right now. Checkered clothing makes me think of the movie “Clueless” and I love it! It is a 90’s trend that is totally back in.

    3. Leather:

    I honestly think that leather is in every fall but I absolutely love throwing on a leather jacket and instantly feeling like a badass!

    4. Pop of colour:

    I love adding a pop of colour to all my outfits, whether it’s in my shoes or my purse. I am so happy to see that this is a fall trend because I think colour makes an outfit way more fun!

    5. Oversized jackets:

    I love oversized anything!!! Oversized jackets make me feel so cuddly and warm and I love the effortless vibe that they give off.

    6. Over The Knee Boots:

    I have been wearing over the knee boots for years now and I love how sexy they look! You can pair them with a cute skirt, dress, or even over jeans and they totally dress up your look.

    Here are some of my own OTK styles from a few weeks ago!

    7. Bright Striped Sweaters:

    I have seen these oversized, bright, striped sweaters all over Instagram lately. This trend goes along with the “pop of colour” trend as these sweaters are very in this season. I think this trend is so cute!

    Those are the top 7 fall fashion trends for 2018, I hope that you enjoyed my post! If you want to see what I end up wearing this fall then make sure that you are following me on Instagram to see my outfit posts every week! Thanks for reading :)


    PS. Want to keep up with ALL THE BLOGGER TRENDS THIS FALL? 

    Then follow my Fall Styles Pinterest board!

    My Fall Styles Pinterest Board; all the inspo you’ll need!

    Love, Kerina

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    23 thoughts on “The Top 7 Fall Fashion Trends For 2018”

    1. Fall season is everything, nearly better than summer but it’s a tough decision 😂
      But I’m really in love with over the knees and can’t get over how beautiful they look when worn🤗

    2. I’m all about these fall trends!! I’m going to try out this animal print trend very subtlety haha, because i’m not sure how I feel about it. I wear plaid pretty much all year round but in fall I love it even more!! Can’t wait to wear some new plaid skirts I just bought!

    3. Massachusetts has changed!!! The seasons aren’t like they used to be. FALL..Autumn. My personal favorite time of the year. Is now as short as 1 month! The foliage doesn’t show the brilliant colors that used to be such a thing to look forward to. But I still love to wear the Fall season clothing. It’s just such a cozy time of the year.Looking forward to be back in boots, Layering clothes and it’s so much easier to coordinate options available! I have a flannel obsession! Keep us posted!!!

      1. omg fall has been weird here in Toronto too! it gets too cold or too hot and it’s shorter too. I’m wearing a sweater right now and can’t wait for flannels

    4. Hi Kerina! We don’t have fall in my country but I love to see fashion posts from you. You inspire me to love my body and be confident in and out! New to your blog (came from YT) and first ever comment! Yaaay!

    5. Your blog is a definition of perfection, It has everything for this winter to roll out, My winter is going to according your styling. Keep Updating us like this, That leather jacket pair is awesome I would love to buy the same outfit. Thanks for this perfect thing.

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