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    Hi Besties,

    I’ve been living in Canada for quite some time now so I can confidentially say, I know which jackets are BEST for temperatures up to -30°C/-22°F!!! Of course, you can still layer up and wear a scarf, hat, gloves, etc. Below are my 4 favs and more are featured in my video. Please watch, like, and subscribe! 

    1) The Northface USA Men’s 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket

    Stylish with cool girl vibes. 12 colors, 8 sizes. The warmest setting, water resistant, wind resistant, heavyweight. 

    SHOP HERE ➜ (xs $320)

    heated earmuffs (recommended!) ( $43)


    2) The Northface Men’s High Pile Nuptse Jacket

    Super trendy rn!! Puffer AND sherpa. 3 colors, 8 sizes and only sold in the men’s section as of right now.  Their warmest setting with Heatseeker™ Eco Insulation.

    SHOP HERE ➜ (s $350) 

    white fluffy cap ($10)

    4pcs Hair Claw ( $4)


    3) Canada Goose Mystique Parka Heritage


    Out of all jackets, I’d say this is the WARMEST JACKET. It is for extreme cold, -30°C/-22°F & BELOW. It has literally been tested for the coldest places on earth. I’m 5’7 and this goes past my knees which keeps me SO WARM. But if this is too long for you, opt for the Fusion Fit which is made for smaller body frames (narrower at the chest and hip, and has shortened hem and sleeve lengths)

    SHOP HERE ➜ (xs $1450)
    white fluffy cap ($10)


    4) Moose Knuckles Debbie Bomber Jacket

    This is more of my cute & stylish jacket. Made in Canada because us Canadians KNOW super cold winter weather! 13 colors and 6 sizes.  

    SHOP HERE ➜ (xs $1090)


    BTW my base layer is the same through out:

    cream cable knit sweater (xs $64.95)
    lululemon align (4 $98)
    5 pairs wool socks (os $7.37)
    gold twisted earrings ( $21)
    custom docs (7 $450)



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