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Wardrobe Essentials For Spring 2019

    Hi Bunnies,

    Spring is finally here and I am beyond excited to put my winter jacket away and take out all my spring pieces! That felt like the longest winter ever…is it only me!?!

    In this post, I am going to be sharing all of my favourite spring essentials with you. So let’s begin…

    1. Mesh Tops:

    I love this mesh top that I got from Verge Girl. It is such a sexy piece that can be worn in so many different ways.

    2. Corduroy Skirts:

    Corduroy skirts are my favourite! I love how effortless and casual they look.

    3. Cropped Sweaters & Flowy Skirts:

    When its still not summer weather, I like wearing an oversized cropped sweater with a flowy skirt! This is one of my favourite ways to transition my outfits.

    4. Black Jeans & Crop Tops

    When I do decide to wear jeans, I always choose high waisted black ripped jeans. Depending on the weather you can wear a cropped sweater or t-shirt with it. It looks casual yet super cute!

    5. Off the Shoulder Cardigans or Teddy Jackets:


    Who says you can’t wear your teddy jacket in the spring??? I love wearing a crop top with either a cardigan or a teddy jacket off the shoulder. It is such a cute look!

    I am so excited to rock these spring looks this season! Which is your favorite look and where are you shopping this spring?



    PS. Want to keep up with ALL THE BLOGGER TRENDS THIS SPRING? 

    Then follow my Spring Styles Pinterest board!

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