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Top 5 Affordable Fall Jackets You Need

    Hi Bunnies!

    It is starting to get cold here in Toronto and wearing jackets is essential at this point. I have been on the lookout for a new fall jacket and I have spent so long looking at pictures online so I thought I might as well share my findings with you all!

    In my opinion, jackets are the main accessory to spruce up an outfit so I think investing in a good jacket is SO worth it! Here are the top 5 affordable fall jackets that I love!

    1) Grey Sherpa Jacket:

    I’m in LOVE with this jacket. It is so unique looking and I love how warm and cuddly it looks! This jacket is from Anthropologie and is $178  so it isn’t cheap but I think that is worth the cost.

    2) White Long Sherpa Coat:

    I love how classy a white long coat looks! This jacket would be perfect to wear to dinner whether you are wearing jeans or a skirt! It only costs $89.95 Canadian and it is from Dynamite!

    3) Faux Shearling Corduroy Jacket:

    I wanted to include an inexpensive more casual looking coat and I love this beauty! This is a classic corduroy jacket mixed with the shearling look. This is such a stylish jacket and it is only $39.90 from Forever 21! It also comes in 2 other colours: black and wine.

    4) Grey Teddy Coat:

    This jacket is so classy looking. It gives a spin on the typical “teddy” coat and it is more unique looking. I love the length of the jacket and I love the colour. I am definitely buying this jacket. It is $89.95 Canadian and it’s from Dynamite!

    5) Oversized Sherpa Jacket:

    Okay so this is my absolute favourite coat that I found. I don’t know if its just because its the colour of wine but I think that this jacket is STUNNING! It is in my shopping cart as I type this. It is from Free People and it is $178 US but I don’t care because I am in love!!!

    Those are the 5 beautiful jackets that I found for this fall! I want all 5 of them… Let me know which one was your favourite in the comments down below.

    Thanks for reading!


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