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ThredUp — A More Sustainable Choice In Fashion

    Hi, you gorgeous people!

    I have to admit this. As someone who loves fashion, the industry is full of trends and anything after the season is quick to be discarded. With the current situation in the retail and fashion industry, there’s also that tiny voice in my head that hopes to be a bit more sustainable with the pieces I own.

    So it’s amazing that a platform like ThredUp exists! Buying vintage items is a way of owning more sustainable fashion pieces. You reuse fashion gems and have a unique item in your closet that can’t be found just anywhere. The best thing about ThredUp is that the pieces you find on the site are one-of-a-kind! The downside of that is, items on your wishlist are quick to disappear is there are no other items in stock. Sizes can also be tricky! Best to take note of that.

    As I try to be more aware and purposeful with my choices, I hope you can also help me out. Let me know in the comments below what you’ve proactively done in your journey towards fashion sustainability!

    I bought 5 items on the website, and styled up into two styles, casual and chic/dressy. Scroll down for more!

    Levi’s Jeans

    Estimated Retail Price: $60.00 | ThredUp: $12.99

    Money saved: $47.01 !!!

    Bershka Pink Top

    Estimated Retail Price: $18.00 | ThredUp: $7.99

    Money saved: $10.01 !!!

    Bershka Checkered Pants

    Estimated Retail Price: $45.00 | ThredUp: $9.00

    Money saved: $36.00 !!!

    Free People Floral Bralette

    Estimated Retail Price: $ 35.00 | ThredUp: $9.00

    Money saved: $26.00!!!

    Lulu’s Floral Dress 

    Estimated Retail Price: $60.00 | ThredUp: $10.00

    Money saved: $50.00 !!!


    **This is not a sponsored post.

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