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SHEIN WORK OUTFITS | what to wear to the office 💼

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      intro outfit    
    white french top (XS $7.99)
    white maxi skirt (S $22.99)
    hair claw clips (4 $)
      0:37 Monday    
    white tee (M $7.49)
    apricot blouse (S $13.99)
    black suit pants (XS $30)
    white tote bag ( $24.4)
    block nude shoes (39 $25.9)
    white cardigan (S $15)
    Adidas samba  
      4:17 Tuesday    
    white tee (M $7.49)
    blue blouse (S $10.99)
    white pants (XS $34.99)
    chunky loafers (CN 39 $29.49)
    black bag ( $15)
      5:54 Wednesday    
    white blouse (XS $20)
    pink skirt (XS $16.99)
    tote bag ( $31.1)
    white cardigan (S $16.49)
    black skirt (XS $13)
    polka dot heels ( $24.6)
    bag organizer ( $4.49)
      7:54 Thursday    
    beige pants (S $14.99)
    black blouse (XS $7.49)
    black blazer (S $26.49)
      Zara blazer thrifted from thredUP  
    similar tweed blazer ( $42.99)
    block nude shoes (39 $25.9)
    cream bag ( $14)
    Celine belt    
      10:37 Friday    
    white tee (S $7)
    white denim skirt ( $20)
    brown sandals (39 $12.1)
    Celine belt    
    beige blazer (S $24.99)
    white shorts (S $12.49)
    black flats ( $100)
    straw bag ( $69)

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    • 00:00 Starting the Week with a Classic and Simple Outfit

    On Mondays, it’s best to go for a classic and simple outfit that never goes wrong. Pair a neutral top with black pants for a classy and professional look. The high-waisted black pants from Motif are of great quality and come with a removable belt. The beige top from Dazzy is long-sleeved and made of a thicker woven fabric. Complete the outfit with square-toe shoes and a large faux leather tote bag.

    • 00:34 Tips for Commuting to the Office

    If you’re commuting to the office and wondering how to wear heels, the trick is to wear comfortable shoes, such as runners, during the commute. Pack your heels or slingbacks in your bag or leave them at your cubicle. Having shoes waiting for you at the office saves time and eliminates the need to coordinate your shoes with your outfit every morning.

    • 02:42 Adding a Cardigan for Office Comfort

    In case your office tends to be cold, it’s a good idea to have a cardigan with you. This is especially useful if you’re in an area where the office is freezing even in the middle of summer. Simply throw on a cardigan to stay warm and comfortable while maintaining a professional look.

    • 03:00 Tips for New Employees

    If you’re starting your first job and commuting to the office, it’s important to know that you don’t have to wear heels during the commute. Opt for comfortable shoes like runners and pack your heels or slingbacks in your bag. Alternatively, you can leave them at your cubicle, so you don’t have to worry about matching shoes with your outfit every morning.

    • 04:12 Daring Choices for Tuesdays

    On Tuesdays, you can be a bit more daring with your outfit. Try pairing a blue shirt with neutral pants for a stylish look. The blue shirt from Dazzy feels cooling on the skin and has a light sheen. It’s comfortable and perfect for summer. Tuck the shirt into the Motif pants, which have pleats and button details. Complete the look with loafers for a versatile and comfortable option.

    • 05:17 Staying Comfortable with Lightweight Fabrics

    Opt for lightweight and breathable fabrics for a comfortable work outfit. Dazzy’s blue shirt is perfect for summer with its cooling feel and light sheen. The Motif pants feel like silk on the inside and have pleats and button details. These fabrics are both opaque, ensuring you’re not see-through. Roll up the cuffs of the pants for a stylish touch.

    • 06:06 Keeping Things Versatile with Loafers

    Loafers are a versatile and comfortable choice for office footwear. They can be worn during the commute or left at your cubicle. Opt for basic loafers that match various outfits. They are easy to wear and go well with different styles. Consider having loafers as an alternative to classic office shoes.


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