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[Review] L’oreal +Antiox Active Mask-In-Lotion

    Hey beautiful bumble bees!
    What a beautiful beautiful long weekend!! I’ve got another review for you today – the L’oreal +Antiox Active Mask-In-Lotion (What a mouthful!) I was sucked into buying this product on SASA after reading countless reviews of it on the blogosphere (mostly sponsored). I have yet to find a SINGLE UNSPONSORED review that provided details of this product, and I think I have great Google searching skills too. It was released last year along with other products in the HYDRAFRESH line, and mostly targeting the Asian L’oreal market.
    This is what it looks like in the bottle, it’s a clear milky clearish fluid that smells sooo good (grape seed extract). It claims to have “antioxidants that neutralizes free radicals to protect our skin against the dulling and damaging effects”, and that it can be used in 3 ways: Toner, Essence, and Mask (overnight sleeping mask or soak in cotton pads)

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