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Huge Tokyo Haul – Part 1 (Beauty)

    Hello spring fairies!!

    Did you miss me?  I hope you did because I MISSED ALL OF YOU SO MUCH!!! Even though I was away and have limited access to the Internet, at the first log in to wifi the first thing I do is always to check my blog and so I read ALL the comments and am super grateful to have you all! =*(

    Now that I’m back, I just wanted to quickly show you guys my haul from Tokyo – it was my first time there and with all the drug store galore… I went a little cray cray… *owellYOLO*

    Most of these items were purchased in Matsumoto Kiyoshi, a chain drugstore in Japan. Several were also bought from Don Quijote…which blew my mind (more on that later). I honestly honestly wish I kept my receipt, or at least took a picture of it…but I didn’t. Sigh. A couple of items I bought knowing what they were, but most of them I purchased because the store was too overwhelming and overflowing with products that I didn’t know what to get so I just kind of closed my eyes and pointed to whatever, then bought it. 

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