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[Review] Holika Holika FACE 2 CHANGE Moist Cushion BB SPF50 PA+++

    What a nameful, hahaha! I always find it difficult to remember super long names, especially in korean makeup! So in case you live in the stone century  don’t know yet, BB moist cushions are THE hype nowadays. Laneige came up with one about a year ago, and I SUPER LOVED IT TO THE MAX!!!! It was a mix between a powder compact and a liquid foundation, and I found it so convenient to carry around and touch up my  makeup on the go!
    Then I came across the FACE 2 CHANGE Moist Cushion BB Cream [SPF 50+ / PA+++] and thought immediately I had to get it just to try it out! So I got it from Cosmetic Love, and waited anxiously for it to arrive. There’s two shades available – #21 Light Beige and #23 Natural Beige. Considering my past experience at how potentially light Korean girls are, I got it in the shade #23 – Natural Beige
    The Cushion BB Cream features a compact design with a flip-cover, a sponge applicator and a mirror. The cushion itself consists of the actual product BB cream, which has a liquid / mousse consistency, embedded within a spongy cushion area – it really reminds me of the type of things they have at the postal office…
    The sponge applicator can be used to pick up the BB cream by dabbing on it, or you can also opt to apply the BB cream with a foundation brush or even fingers!
    Here I’m using the sponge application included within to apply the BB cream – as you can probably tell the shade #23 Natural Beige is lighter than my natural skin tone, and I don’t consider myself very tanned! (Can you imagine if I had gotten the #21 Light Beige? I would have to live in North Pole to be that light… oh wait I already live in THE North Pole aka Canada =.=)  
    In this picture, I have half of my face covered in the BB Cushion, and half without makeup. The camera failed to capture the degree of difference – in real life, the side with the makeup is significantly lighter and “ghostlier” than the right side. It’s managed to cover my acne scars, and certain light hyperpigmentation (check out my forehead).
    The consistency of this BB Cushion is slightly on the oilier side, a little sticky too. I have EXTREMELY OILY SKIN, so this BB cushion felt like I was layering on a layer of oil or even wax onto my skin… It wasn’t even that moisturizing as it was obvious you can still see some dry flakes peeking through the top of the BB layer.
    It does have a different finish than traditional liquid BB creams, I find those tend to have a dewy finish, but nothing like this one where it feels like I’m applying a layer of essence oil onto my skin. I do think it’ll be a holy grail product for dry skin people though!
    After 5 minutes, it still feels oily and I’m just wondering when it will eventually “settle” into some sort of finish, or does it just end up feeling oily all day? I can also physically see the shine on my face too – which just prompts me to assume further that THIS MAY BE PERFECT FOR DRY SKIN TYPES! 
    Final Verdict:
    While the Holika Holika FACE 2 CHANGE Moist Cushion BB Compact feels extremely oily on my skin, it does have SPF50 and PA+++ , which I find provides one of the top protection amongst BB cream products. Perhaps this extremely high UV protection is what constitutes the pale-ness of the product even in the darker of the 2 shades. You could also layer some loose powder on top if you want to set the BB cushion and provide additional coverage.
    I would recommend this Moist Cushion BB Compact to those with very dry to dry skin – while combination to oily skin types should steer away from this.
    You can buy the Holika Holika FACE 2 CHANGE Moist Cushion BB here, or at
    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Cosmetic Love ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
    They also carry other Korean makeup and skincare products, and I can’t wait to try the Etude House Cushion Compact as well as the Laneige one again, would love to do a comparison between all 3!
    Have fun shopping!
    ❤ Questions? Fire away! ❤
    Kerina Wang

    10 thoughts on “[Review] Holika Holika FACE 2 CHANGE Moist Cushion BB SPF50 PA+++”

    1. Eek Holika Holika is not very good for true color BB’s IMO and this is yet another example. I agree you aren’t that dark! The BB looks way too light. Hehe funny you mention North Pole…I used to live in North Pole. Obviously not the North Magnetic Pole, but North Pole is a city in Alaska. =)

    2. Very honest review! <3 <3 <3 I have dry skin and combination skin, more dry though, so this might be something good too look into. The packaging looks really neat and clean. :) I definitely liking the SPF 50!! <3<3<3Gurl, you got perfect skin already! :D Thanks for the review! <3

      <3 Chuonie

    3. Oh I didn’t know Holika Holika released their own air cushion foundation too! It really is the hype, isn’t it. But no wonder because they look so practical. It’s unfortunate that the result isn’t very nice, the ‘ghostly’ look reminds me of the white cast most CC creams give. I guess Holika Holika didn’t do a great job on this. Thank you for the great review!

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