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[Review] L’oreal +Antiox Active Mask-In-Lotion

    Hey beautiful bumble bees!
    What a beautiful beautiful long weekend!! I’ve got another review for you today – the L’oreal +Antiox Active Mask-In-Lotion (What a mouthful!) I was sucked into buying this product on SASA after reading countless reviews of it on the blogosphere (mostly sponsored). I have yet to find a SINGLE UNSPONSORED review that provided details of this product, and I think I have great Google searching skills too. It was released last year along with other products in the HYDRAFRESH line, and mostly targeting the Asian L’oreal market.
    This is what it looks like in the bottle, it’s a clear milky clearish fluid that smells sooo good (grape seed extract). It claims to have “antioxidants that neutralizes free radicals to protect our skin against the dulling and damaging effects”, and that it can be used in 3 ways: Toner, Essence, and Mask (overnight sleeping mask or soak in cotton pads)

    I was super convinced by this mask-lotion because every blogger was raving about it (not sure if due to sponsorship) and I saw the experiment with the apple where they sliced an apple in half, left one half and applied this mask lotion to the other – waited 1 hr – and the half with the lotion is like white and looks brand new.

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    WOW, SO COOL! SOLD, right? No. Wait for it. The “antioxidant” effect on the apple may also be achieved through preservatives on your skin. Don’t tear me apart. I’m just stating a possibility.
    My Verdict: Stay Away (for oily skin)
    Just to be fair, I’ve used this product continuously for almost a month now in order to adjust for test validity and inter-rater reliability. (ha! psychometrics got nothing on me)
    Texture: gel-like, VERY STICKY. It feels like the consistency of wet glue, albeit with very amazing fragrance! I only used a pea-size amount on my ENTIRE FACE if I’m applying it using my fingers, and it. stays. there.
    Absorption: Yes, like everyone’s saying, it does get absorbed really quickly into my skin, but with a VERY STICKY after-math. Tried applying using cotton pads, patting motions, you name it. Every time I use this I feel like I’m applying a layer of sticky film that doesn’t allow my skin to breathe at all.
    As a toner / essence: Maybe I’m being biased, but I cannot think of why anyone would want to put this on their face and then follow up with more heavy cream… I have used Asian toners, like the famous Hada Labo ones so I understand Asian toners are generally thicker and stickier, but they do not feel sticky afterwards!
    As a mask: If you have dry skin (and I mean like extremely dry), this product may work well for you. Its stickiness may be countered by extremely dry skin, to form a hydrated dewy face. If you’re living in the more humid climates, STAY AWAY from this, unless you want a veil on your face in addition to the sticky hot weather. If you have oily skin, don’t even bother. I have oily skin, and my face is a greaseball immediately after I apply this lotion, feels unbreathable, and I need to wash it off.
    Have you used this? It may be just my skin type, and that I prefer light-weight moisturizers like this one
    I truly hope this brings in more light on the L’oreal Antiox Active Mask-In-Lotion that was SO RAVED ABOUT. It’s mostly sold in Asian areas, but you can get it on if you want :)

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    2. That apple test is weird/cool–I didn’t think you could do anything about the brown spots once they’re there! I wonder how that works? Someone with a science degree needs to tell us! Haha.

    3. I’m currently studying science in University (no degree yet, so I could be 100% wrong – don’t quote me at all!!) but the apple browns due to exposure to oxygen – kind of like rust on a fruit. When you put the mask on the apple immediately after cutting, it limits the amount of oxygen that the exposed apple side gets, leading to a very very slow reaction.

      Like I said, I could be wrong, but regardless – love your post! :) I always enjoy reading your reviews :)

    4. Sticky felling!!!! I hate sticky feeling…
      It really seems like a horrible product for oily skin! I never tried it because they don’t sell it here. They do sell the brand, but a lot of the products, specially those targeted for Asians, never come this way. But thanks to your detailed review I wouldn’t even bother trying to find it. Because I know people with very dry skin, but they don’t exactly like heavy and sticky products either. Not a very good product.

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment!
      Take care!

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