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[Review and Tutorial] Miss Hana + Solone Eyeliners

    Hello Lovey Dovey Lovebirds, 
    Do you guys remember my post on Miss Hana CC cream and how it was, only, like, the most amazing CC cream ever? I’ve got 2 more Miss Hana products AND a Solone (Alice in Wonderland) product – all eyeliners – to share with you!!! I am definitely a #1 fan of Miss Hana (you’ll see why if you keep reading…) and as a beauty blogger, I am excited to ALWAYS try new products – and if you guys are familiar with certain Asian brands of eye makeup (ahem the famous Dollywink ahem) you would know why I am super open to constantly exploring different options! 
    Saying YES to new products can definitely be eye-opening, and they are always full of surprises (which girl doesn’t like surprises?), and I am the guinea pig in testing out these products so YOU guys can be informed on whether they are bad or good surprises. 
    Amber from Beauty Chamber sent me these 3 eyeliners along with the Miss Hana CC Cream a few weeks ago, and I am a die-hard convert fan of Miss Hana now. From left to right, the picture entails:
                              2) Miss Hana Waterproof Eyeliner Gel Pencil (OMG MAD LOVE)
                              3) Miss Hana Jewel Eyeshadow Liner Waterproof 
     Actual swatches of the eyeliners. 
    Miss Hana Black eyeliner – will not smudge, transfer, and is completely waterproof and oil-proof. 
    Miss Hana Jewel Eyeshadow Liner – a pink/champagne toned eyeliner with micro-sparkles and glitters in it – very pretty just wearing it by itself or using it to brighten up the inner corners of your eyes. 
    Solone Liquid Role Switching Eyeliner – rich black liner suitable for beginners, marker-like tip to reduce errors
     Close up of the eyeliners 
    Miss Hana Jewel Eyeshadow Liner (upper 2 pictures) – one end (twist) for the pencil shimmer and one end for the smudger (which in my opinion CAN be a little softer, since smudging anything on the eye tends to create rubbing motions that may lead to premature wrinkles…) 
    Miss Hana waterproof eyeliner – My favorite. Kohl/gel type eyeliner that is miraculously smudge-proof, even for waterlines! (see below picture)
    Solone Role Switching Liquid Eyeliner – has a very fine and sharp tip, almost like that of a felt-tip marker with a super pointy end – it’s perfect for beginners, and it’s so easy to use, it literally feels like you’re drawing on your eyes with a fine-tip marker! Another thing I like about the Solone eyeliner is that its bristles aren’t super flabby (so that it flops around when you’re lining your eyes) or super hard ( so you don’t feel like you’re dragging a sharp object around your eyeballs.. I’ve had that happen to me with several Maybelline liners and it is NOT comfortable)
     Here’s how I would use all three of the eyeliners to create a simple, innocent doll-eyed look. 
    Step 1: Apply the Miss Hana Jewel Eyeshadow all over your lids, using the smudger end to blend everything. This creates a subtle but natural sparkling finish to your lids without looking too over-done
    Step 2: Line your eyes (including waterline) with the Miss Hana Black Waterproof liner – i cannot stress this enough. IT’S PERFECT FOR WATERLINING and it’s not going ANYWHERE. 
    Step 3: Draw on individual bottom lashes using the Solone Liquid Eyeliner – it’s perfect because it creates little strokes of lines perfectly! 
    Step 4: Highlight the inner corner of your eyes using the Miss Hana Jewel Eyeshadow! 

    Ta-DAh!!!! The finished look. Of course you can create way more looks that what I did! Check out my previous tutorial if you want more details on big eyed dolly look!
    If I have ONE recommendation, you have to have to get your hands on the Miss Hana Waterproof liner. I’m not even joking how amazingly smudge-proof it is, no wonder it’s Taiwan #1 Selling brand!
    You can also get the Miss Hana Jewel Eyeshadow Liner Waterproof , and the Solone (Alice in Wonderland Collection) Role Switching Liquid Eyeliner from Beauty ChAmber. They’ve recently revamped the website, so it’s more user-friendly to browse and shop there! (and did I mention Amber is amazing?)
    They carry a wide range of taiwan, japanese, and korean skincare/makeup products, and 
    Happie Shopping and Happie Valentine’s Day Loves!!!
    xoxo, Mango

    29 thoughts on “[Review and Tutorial] Miss Hana + Solone Eyeliners”

    1. Hey Mango! I haven’t heard of Miss Hana, I hope I’m not the only one! lol. Thanks so much for doing this post, you have no idea how badly I’ve been looking for a really good eyeliner, the ones I use always smudges and even worse when my eyelids get oily during hot days. I badly need to get my hands on Miss Hana Waterproof Liner! The smokey eyeliner looks really gorgeous on you, I love the colour and it really gives the doll eyes look! Thanks for the very helpful and informative post hunny. <3

      Take care always, love Christine ~ xo


    2. Hello!
      I really love how you review all these products ;) I’m so curious about the waterproof liner!
      The make- up looks great on your eyes and I like how you made a tutorial with the products! :)

      Now I know the order in which you’ve used the products, I’m definitely going to try them at home!

      Take care,
      Xx Julia

    3. Miss Hana’s packaging is also cute!!! I am liking their pink eyeliners! The Solone pen eyeliners is great too! Your eyemakeup is always so pretty! <3 <3 <3 <3 Thanks for the mini tutorial! :)

      <3 from Chuonie

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