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[Review] Miss Hana CC Cream

    Whasssaaaaap magical mistletoes!!!!!
    I’m sure you guys have all heard of BB cream – but did you know that CC cream totally kicks BB creams behinds by being SUPER AWESOME??? If you are super outdated and have no clue what CC cream is don’t know what CC (color control / correct) cream is, here’s a good way of remembering the difference: 

    BB Cream: Makeup with skincare benefits
    CC Cream: Skin care with cosmetic benefits
    As you can imagine, CC cream is lighter, thinner, more breathable, Vitamins infused, and a much better alternative if you ask me! (sort of like a tinted moisturizer!) 
    So lately I have been TOTALLY ADDICTED to Miss Hana CC Cream!!!
    The package came with the CC cream and a special soft slanted flat-top kabuki brush that is AMAZING because it can be used for both wet and dry makeup!
    Ok girls are you sold yet? The packaging is totally squeal-worthy!!!! Baby pink with princess-like details! I MAD MAD MAD love that the CC cream sports a pump, it’s so much more hygenic that way! 
    As you can see, the CC cream comes in one color, it has a pink tint to it (which matches asian skintones way better than the grey-ish tint of BB cream!) and can be applied on your face with both your fingers or the brush! 
    What I did was I dabbed on the CC cream using my fingers, then used the brush to blend it using circular buffing motions – it creates a perfect even finish, no harsh lines or streakiness! The brush itself is also super dense and stiff (perfect for foundation application), as it won’t flop around on your face. And the slanted-ness makes it super easy to get to the harder to reach areas!

    Ta-dah! The complete makeup look. This was 5 minutes after the application – it’s slightly palish with a pink undertone – but just wait!!

    This is the final final effect after the CC cream has set in and blended in with your skintone – it’s totally natural, and seems like a perfect match for my skintone despite the pale cast 5 minutes after application!
    Miss Hana CC Cream VERDICT: 
    Coverage: Since the CC cream is super light, airy and feels more like a tinted moisturizer, the coverage is enough to even out my skin tone and while it doesn’t completely block my discolorations, it certainly made them less visible.
    Lasting power: My skin is usually SUPER OILY, and usually with foundations they tend to slip and slide around after a while. With this CC cream, to my surprise it stayed rather longer than my regular foundations, and my face is less oily over time.
    How it feels: This feels like nothing on my face. More like a moisturizer – though it can be kinda sticky when first applied, it settles into a powdery finish which helps with my oil and color control, and it doesn’t clog my pores either! Just be careful that if you’re applying the cream using a brush, the brush might eat up a lot more of the product that what actually gets on your face. *totally your preference*
    *Update – after using it for 2 weeks straight, I got no breakouts from it,  and love to wear it on its own, or as a base for my powder makeup. 

    Have you tried the Miss HANA CC Cream? Thoughts? Please let me know!! <3
    xoxo, Mango 

    18 thoughts on “[Review] Miss Hana CC Cream”

    1. Another cute packing CC cream! :o I think you’ve sold it! I just need to use up all my bb cream and try some cc cream! :D Now, I see what the difference is between BB and CC cream. I always thought that CC cream is just another step up or a better and improved version of BB cream. ^^ That’s great that it’s working for you and you have no breakouts from using it! I’ve been breaking out after using a collagen moisturizer. So breakouts is a no no for me. Thanks for this great review! <3 <3 <3 HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR 2014!!! I wish you and your family the best in health, happiness, and money! :D Always smile and lots of love! <3

      <3 from Chuonie

    2. BUNNIE WOW I can’t believe that’s just CC Cream!!~ I have this really tiring routine day in day out with several products to get that finish!! You look gorgeous!! And your skin is beautiful. Envy!!~ Muah!!~

    3. Woww, your photos look just soo pretty!
      i lovee them ;)

      I’m definitely going to try this CC Cream, I’m very curious,
      If the result looks also as beautiful on my face as yours ;)

      Thanks for sharing this with us!
      Take care,,

      Xx Julia

    4. I was amaze in this product.. Cream in face using a bras in the face is the first time I saw it and after 5 minutes your face and skin tune was so so great and amazing I think your product have an a magic it is so cool… You are so beautiful take care your face

    5. looks really pretty! Finally there is an english review on this cc cream. Almost all other reviews are in chinese TT. I have bb cream and I absolutely hate it cuz it looks ashy and really set a white cast but this seems good I should try it out! :)

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