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Perfect Eyebrows: Long-Lasting 24 hours!

    I don’t know about you, but my skin is SOOO OILY that if I don’t maintain it (i.e. oil-blotting, washing, powdering up) it turns into a DISCOBALL in 10 minutes. 
    NOT at the end of the day (which some people still claim to be oily like c’mon what about the rest of us?)
    NOT after I go outside in the sunny weather for a jog 
    NOT even after a few hours
    My face turns into a grease-ball WHEN I FINISH DOING MY MAKEUP. So from the time my face is freshly washed to finish putting on all my makeup (around 10-15 minutes), most of my oil is peeking through the makeup and making everything slide around. O.O 
    As much as I don’t understand this phenomenon I can only tell myself that oiliness decrease wrinkle appearance…

    OMG you can see all my pores because I magnified the clarify of the pic – that’s how much I love you guys!

    Step 1: 

    Eyeshadow primers are best friends with my oily lids. Why not smear them all across our eyebrows too?? Make sure you get the BEST PRIMER IN THE WORLD for this step!

    Step 2: 

    Use a pencil or charcoal based eyebrow filler to draw on your brows. The reason you wanna use pencil is because they contain WAX, and wax tend to stay longer on our skin than powder <3 I’m using the Draw On Brow from Etude House, you can get similar HERE! 

    Step 3:

    Now it’s time to SET the wax-based brows using any brow / eyeshadow powder that’s 1 shade lighter – this way we build gradient into our brows, making them more realistic-looking!

    Step 4: 

    Brush brow hairs back and forth using a MASCARA. That’s right – mascara! Who says mascara is only allowed on lashes? I’m using Maybelline’s Mega Plush mascara it works WONDERS ON BROW HAIRS! (but totally failed on my lashes =.=)

    Step 4 is my secret because the mascara makes lash hairs plump, waterproofs the entire thing AND looks super natural! TRY IT!
    So now that you’ve got 4 layers of products on your brows… I assure you they will be perfect and stay in place all day without ANY fall-outs!

    If you do try this out please let me know how it turned out for you!! Actually I hope you guys don’t have oily skin to begin with. =.=

    Kerina Wang

    22 thoughts on “Perfect Eyebrows: Long-Lasting 24 hours!”

    1. haha ive been using eyeshadow and its actually working great for me but i realyl like the mascara trick! i will try it out since ive loved your eyebrow style the moment i layed my eyes on it !! )

    2. Hi Mango! ^^ *waves* Wow O-o I didn’t know that eyebrow pencils had wax in them and stays longer than the powder ones! >_< No wonder my brows looks so unnatural and didn’t last as long when I used only eyeshadow powder. *learning learning* And wow the final step, that mascara makes the brows look super natural!!! <3 Thanks for sharing this great tutorial! I’ve learned something new today! :) Please do continue to teach me more. :)) Thank you so much for the follow and such a super sweet supportive comment! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

      Big hug + <3 from Chuonie :3

    3. AHHHH Bunnie!!~ Thanks for the tutorial because I’ve never done my brows before and I noticed that in pictures they never show up =____= Definitely going to have to give this a try!!~

    4. My skin is oily, but not as much! Usually with the cold it can hold a couple of hours before it turns shiny. When summer comes along, it’s a little bit different. That’s why i’m always looking for new products and trying them out to see if they fix my acne and oily complexion, but it’s very hard…
      Those tips about the eyebrows are amazing! I never pay much attention to my eyebrows, nut it’s amazing how they frame you face and different you can look with pretty eyebrows. Do need to buy some supplies and dtart paying more attention to them.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to check my blog and for your concern. My hands are getting better!
      Lots of kisse and take care!

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