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Etude House Korean Ulzzang Gradient Lips Tutorial

    Hello beautiful ulzzangs!!!

    Since my Cheon Song Yi Inspired Video, I’ve gotten a lot of requests of how to do the Korean Ulzzang Gradient Lips!!! It’s called so many things omg, like ombre lips, two-tone lips, just bitten lips etc…. You get the idea. Essentially it’s darker on the inside of the lips and lighter outside, to give the illusion that you are youthful and innocent !! O.O

    I also mostly used my Etude House Dear my Blooming Lip Talk Lipsticks from this blog post!

    Keep in mind that there are so many versions of the gradient lip, some are vampy and dry looking that looks like you literally bit your inner lip and it’s bleeding O.O I personally don’t find that very attractive…. but if that’s more of your thing you can certainly make it work!! ^^
    My version is more subtle, especially since I packed on the gloss to neutralize everything and not make it seem like I am severely dehydrated to the point where I have to drink my own blood…
    Let me know what you thought!
    Also I thought my hair looked FANTASTIC in the video so if you didn’t think I did such a good job on the lips… at least I have awesome hair ^^
    xoxo, Mango
    Kerina Wang

    20 thoughts on “Etude House Korean Ulzzang Gradient Lips Tutorial”

    1. Love Your Blog. Would you like to follow each other via GFC and Bloglovin? If you do, follow me then leave me a comment on my blog to follow you back! Thanks you.


    2. Hey Mango! I love love LOOOVEE the video!! That gradient lips look so freakin adorable, you really nailed it hun, I’m impressed! Many people are going for a gradient lips right now.. perfect for the season and it’s so beautiful, very doll-like! Thanks for another fantastic video hun, you’re on a roll! =D

      Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

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