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QT Performance Advanced Diamond Ceramic Flat Iron

    Hi sprinkledusts!!!
    Hope everyone’s spring is super sweet and full of flowers!!!! My hair is getting soooo long. Like, it’s currently the longest I’ve ever had it in my life! But can’t cut it yet.. need to wait at least til the wedding is over… mwahahahahahaaha because I wanna let down my hair and have it be bouncy and flowwwwwwy (as opposed to updo so restricted) ^^v 
    Speaking of hair, I use hot hair tools in the summer a lot. I can even be caught using men’s grooming kits since they are actually quite effective and sometimes more cost effective. Because of the heat and the humidity, I almost always have to tame it somehow with blow dryer or curl it or straighten it to remove the frizziness!!! Flat Iron Experts totally read my mind and gifted me the QT Performance Advanced Diamond Ceramic Flat Iron for a review… and I can’t be more thankful because…it’s best that you DONT use any heat of any sort on your hair, but if you HAVE to or WANT to, then you better choose a quality hot tool because you wanna minimize the damage that heat does to your strands!
    The Advanced Diamond Ceramic technology is supposed to eliminate frizz and seal in the moisture of the natural oils of hair. The infused diamond *BLING BLING* plates allow smooth straightening and protects hair from the painful snags and pulls. One thing I like about it is that the temperature is controllable, going up to a maximum of 450F or 232C in 30 seconds!
    If you’re gonna be ironing your hair, we all know the damage heat does to our beautiful locks, and should always always use a heat protectant spray! What the spray does is that it costs the strands of the hair so that when we apply the heat to our hair, the heat deals damage to the coat instead of directly on our hair. While it doesn’t eliminate damage, heat protectant sprays definitely diminishes damage by creating that barrier. 
    The KQC Thermal Shine heat protectant spray came with the package (which I think is so thoughtful) and works amazing! It’s not greasy or oily and it gets absorbed into your hair really fast! 
    The one downside to this spray is…. it smells like non-branded cologne. Depending on how you would like your hair to smell like a boy, you may not enjoy this product as much… 


    The flat iron is super easy to use, I like how it DOES NOT SNAG OR DRAG on my hair like some other straighteners tend to do!!! <3 So I just run the iron along my hair is small sections really quickly and am done in like 5 minutes! 
    What everyone’s been waiting for…before and after! You can clearly see that my hair was unruly and frizzy in the first picture, then sleek straight and shiny in the second pic! ALL IN 5 MINS! 


    If I only get to pick one between a hair straightener or a hair curler, I would pick the hair straightener .. Did you guys also know that flat irons can be used as a curling iron? These bouncy, loose curls from using the straightener! DUAL USE!!!! 
    The only downside is that it does cost $159USD, but the quality is top notch – you wouldn’t want your hair to get dry and coarse from a low quality iron for $20! Trust me. I’ve been there. 
    What is your favourite way of styling your hair in the summer? I need inspiration and suggestions… because I have zero knowledge on hair styles which is why it’s always down and straight! Are there any other tools you recommend? Please let me know!! <3 


    xoxo, Mango 






    Kerina Wang

    11 thoughts on “QT Performance Advanced Diamond Ceramic Flat Iron”

    1. Oooh, haven’t heard of diamond infused flat iron before. It’s good that it heats up fast, the flat irons I have takes several minutes to heat it up. T_T I have the biolage matrix protective thermal spray, it is nice smelling not too scented. Yup, the flat iron is quiet beneficial since it can curl and straighten!! :) Thanks for the review!!! <3

      <3 from Chuonie

    2. Hi, you look gorgeous with curly hair! ;) By the way, speaking of other flat iron recommendations, check out Karmin, Sedu and Babyliss. I personally favor the Karmin G3 because it’s the only one with adjustable heat settings, and pure ceramic and tourmaline plates. It comes with its own heat mat, carrying bag and styling manual. I highly recommend them! :)

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