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[Review] Dr. Dream Urban Protective Sun Cream SPF40 PA++ & Urban Protective BB Cream

    Hello baby octopuses!
    I CANNOT stress how important SUNSCREEN is for the prevention of aging signs, freckles, wrinkles, and skin cancer! For this reason, I’ve never failed to leave the house without sunscreen day in, day out, regardless of whether it’s sunny or thunderstorming outside. It’s so routine that it’s built into my skin care regime every morning, so you can imagine I’ve used tons and tons of facial sunscreens in my lifetime. K-Beauty Secrets, a Malaysian based company dedicated to distributing beauty products from South Korea, kindly gifted me the Dr. Dream Urban Protective Sun Cream SPF 40 PA++ for everyday wear and let me tell you, this stuff beats all other sunscreens I’ve ever used. 
    A gentle and effective sun protection formula, dr. dream Urban Protective Sun Cream SPF PA++ effectively helps protect our skin from the extrinsic signs of aging caused UVA and UVB rays. The ‘Power in Gel System’ technology helps to maximize SPF protection efficiency while minimizing skin stimulus. A light texture that glides onto skin without the ‘sticky’ feel, ‘ashy’ finish.

    It’s super easy to blend out and doesn’t leave that sticky residue behind like most other sunscreens! It’s totally safe to use around the eye area too, because it can be used after extensive chemical processes like chemical peels, or facial lasers! 
    The titanium dioxide (active ingredient of sunscreen) will make your skin appear slightly fairer upon first application. I actually quite like this look as I prefer the ulzzang look more than the tanned look, but if you’re not a fan of a fairskin look, don’t worry it will fade! 

    My skin is SUPER OILY, and this did not break me out like other heavier sunscreens did. Extremely catered to sensitive skin, I can wear this every morning without shining like a greaseball in the afternoon. 
    I know there are a lot of foundations / moisturizers / tinted primers with SPF built into the product. This will diminish the effectiveness of the sun protection factor, and affects the texture of both products. Hence, the Dr. Dream Urban Protective BB Cream comes deliberately without SPF but is advised to use after the Sun Cream application.

    A multi-tasking make-up base and foundation, dr. dream Urban Protective BB Cream provides optimal coverage to freckles and defective spots. It also has a light and gentle formula and contains anti-inflammatory qualities that helps to soothe skin. 
    When used alone, it provides amazing coverage and doesn’t slip and slide since it has a primer built in to the formula. The best thing that I love about this BB cream is that it’s not heavy AT ALL. Unlike some BB cream with a greycast that tends to clog your pore, this is catered towards sensitive skin and will not close your pores OR give you that grey-face look. 
    I like to combine the two ! 

    So what I do is I take equal amounts of the BB cream and the Sun Cream, and rub it between my palms and fingers to warm the formula up, then pat it onto my skin.

    The right side of my hand has both products mixed and blended together, where you can still see the mixture unblended on the left. 

    Ta-Dah!!! This is the before, with suncream, and suncream + bb cream comparison collage that everyone loves. Notice how my skin on the right most pic look the most radiant and even, whereas the before pic has a ghastly yellowish tone that most Asians tend to have. 
    In general, I am very very pleased with the effects of both the dr. dream sun cream and the dr. dream BB cream and would definitely re-purchase the two. When used in combination, I noticed that my skin looked fairer and comparatively smoother and more even, and the best part is, neither products broke my super oily, acne-prone skin out! After using it religiously for over a month everyday, these two are now staples in my skincare regime and have replaced my other sunscreens / bb creams. The slight down side is that they can be a bit expensive… however I firmly believe skincare is more important than makeup, and these products are developed by medical technology beauty experts who are medical physicians and experts at what they do. You can buy them both at K-Beauty Secrets! Abby is amazing quick with emails and replies and will respond to any inquiries ASAP and shipping was also super fast!
    xoxo, Mango 

    Kerina Wang

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