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Top 5 Last Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas (for you procrastinators)

    Hi Scary Berries!
    Who still goes out for halloween?? I don’t mean go trick or treating, but ya know… parties and stuff!  Every year, we look forward to a halloween party and yet completely leave it to the last minute to prepare.  Even as I’m writing, my hubby and I have not landed on a halloween costume or bothered to buy any materials just yet.  Halloween costumes are so expensive last minute too.  In Canada they sell for at least $40-100 if you buy last minute, not cool yo!!!! #muchsad
    If you are afraid of looking at yourself in the mirror and being scared, and TODAY is the party and you are totally in need of emergency ideas, here is my Top 5 Easy Halloween Makeup Ideas (I have to mention mine because mine is the best, I have to! #Humph)
    #5 – Kitty
    This is a popular one, it’s not scary, it’s cute.  As for as kitty makeup goes, she is super cute and I love her hair idea hehehe.  SO CUTE #OMGMUSTKITTY
    #4 – Leopard
    Leopards are grown-up kitties, yay!  Also not scary, not that cute, but totally a way to show of your makeup skills at a party.  Rawr!
    #3 – Variety Pack
    If you’re still note sure, this girl has made an amazing DIY video of 4 costumes for us procrastinators.  I like the work-out girl one!
    #2 – Barbie!!
    OMG, how can anyone say no to Barbie.  Now I miss my childhood Barbie dolls that my parents say “moved away”, wahhh!!!  This girl is also super cute, yay!
    #1 – Fire Elsa!
    I was so happy that Reddit liked my fire elsa look, I hope you do too.  This look IS the definitions of easy, and you’d get points from creativity too.  Remember, no matter what, just have fun this halloween, make it an excuse to dress up, and load up on sweet sweet candy!
    Does anyone else celebrate Halloween? 
    Let me know below :)
    xoxo, Mango 
    Kerina Wang

    6 thoughts on “Top 5 Last Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas (for you procrastinators)”

    1. ooooh I just watched your video – because it really is the best one ;) can you do my makeup one day??? I haven’t put on eye makeup in about 8 years!! haha you look faaaab!! gorgeous eyes!

      Love and miss you!! XO

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