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Huge Tokyo Haul – Part 1 (Beauty)

    Hello spring fairies!!

    Did you miss me?  I hope you did because I MISSED ALL OF YOU SO MUCH!!! Even though I was away and have limited access to the Internet, at the first log in to wifi the first thing I do is always to check my blog and so I read ALL the comments and am super grateful to have you all! =*(

    Now that I’m back, I just wanted to quickly show you guys my haul from Tokyo – it was my first time there and with all the drug store galore… I went a little cray cray… *owellYOLO*

    Most of these items were purchased in Matsumoto Kiyoshi, a chain drugstore in Japan. Several were also bought from Don Quijote…which blew my mind (more on that later). I honestly honestly wish I kept my receipt, or at least took a picture of it…but I didn’t. Sigh. A couple of items I bought knowing what they were, but most of them I purchased because the store was too overwhelming and overflowing with products that I didn’t know what to get so I just kind of closed my eyes and pointed to whatever, then bought it. 

    Can you tell from the above pic that I am a little craycray over collagen and peach flavored tea/drinks?
    Top left corner are the Otsuka Collagen/Placenta/Hyaluronic Acid Jellies. I heard about this from various bloggers so thought I’ll give them a try. Will do a review on them later! I can’t read Japanese, so the only thing I can read is TEA Stick and White and Yellow Peach so I assume they are tea sachets… OMG THEY TASTE SOOO GOOD!!! Why don’t North American vendors sell PEACH TEA? It’s so stupid, like we have apple blueberry raspberry strawberry mix berries goji berries…. but not peach. >_< I have no idea where to get those online. Please tell me if you find out and I will stock up my kitchen!
    Shiseido Collagen drinks, MEIJI Amino Collagen powder, FANCL HTC Collagen tablets  etc… all fall under the collagen family that I thought I would try out and review! If you tried any of these please let me know which to try first! I can’t wait!
    Interesting story. I got these in Harajuku from the first drugstore I walked into. I grabbed everything (so heavy) and went on my day CARRYING ALL THESE STUFF … just to realize I have the exact same drugstore right beside my hotel selling the exact same stuff. *triple roll eyes* OWELLWORKOUT
    Shiseido Ma Cherie Conditioner
    Essentials Conditioner
    Essentials Hair Treatment
    Essentials Hair Mask 
    Hadasui Toner
    I have no clue sunscreen
    Shiseido Facewash
    Bifesta Facewash
    C3 eyedrops
    Bifesta makeup remover pads
    Biore makeup remover pads
    Biore aqua rich SPF 50 limited edition
    Pink Sugar Perfume
    I controlled myself at makeup counters, telling myself: skincare is more important than makeup. WHICH IS TRUE. Most of these are from CANMAKE, because they are super hard to get overseas (again, North America such noobs). One topcoat from No idea where, and one box of eyelashes. ONLY ONE BOX! Aren’t you proud of me?! And ettusais nail polishes!!! <3
    Have you tried anything that was working for you ? Not working? Want me to do a review on an item? Let me know!!!! OMG can’t wait to post my vacay pictures!!! <3 See you soooon
    I’ll also be posting my Part 2 of Tokyo haul which is FASHION-CENTRIC so STAY TUNED!
    xoxo, Mango
    Kerina Wang

    29 thoughts on “Huge Tokyo Haul – Part 1 (Beauty)”

    1. But what’s a trip without indulging yourself in a little (huge) haul? ;)
      It all looks so colourful and lovely!
      I hope to visit Tokyo at some point in my life!
      Maya xx

    2. Hey Mango!! It’s so sweet of you check on your comments even with bad internet connection. :) I’m really super excited that you’re back from your vacay! I can’t wait to see your vacay photos, I bet they’re incredible! =D I can totally understand why you got heaps of flavoured tea and skincare products, Japan is definitely known to have the best of those products. Would be so awesome to shop at Shibuya, it’s such a fantastic place to do a shopping spree =D I just wish their Dolly Wink products are not too expensive though, they have so many cute lashes! Great haul hun, you definitely stocked up on beauty products =D I’ll be waiting for more posts, yayyy!! <3

      Take care always, love Christine ~ xo

    3. Wow such a huge beauty haul! I love Japanese beauty products, I really want to go to Tokyo one day. *_*
      I can’t wait for your fashion haul.
      I hope you had a great and safe trip. :)

    4. Hello!
      I hope you had the most wonderful time in tokyo!
      I’d love to visit that city one day :) And I like the products that you bought!

      I’m looking forward to read your next post!
      Xx julia

    5. Great haul I am looking forward to the reviews!!! *0*
      I am also into this collagen stuff, mostly those you can eat, like collagen soft gums. xD
      Oh and I am looking forward to your travel pics.
      I just LOVE Tokyo/Japan and I am missing it so much!

    6. Just looking at the pictures of your haul makes me feel overwhelmed, so I can just imagine what it was like in the stores! I would like to see a review on the Hadasui Toner and the collagen stuff seem really interesting, can’t wait for your reviews on them. I hope you had a great trip ^^

    7. oh girl!! look at all that shopping..jealous!

      I don’t drink water (so , so , so bad) so I’m obsessed with flavoured drinks. Peach / grapes / strawberry..sooo good!! :D

    8. I want to see your vacation pictures :D and also some reviews of these. I’ve never really tried Japanese products so any review will be welcome! Glad to hear from you =)

    9. I can still remember the first time I entered a drugstore in Osaka, I totally went all starry-eyed like a child in a candy shop! LOL A lot of damage on my purse was done, of course. :P
      Let us know how you liked the products you got! And it looks like they got a new scented version of the Biore SPF 50 sunscreen (wait ARE THOSE ROSES on the packaging??) – oh my. I wanna try that too! x


    10. Aahhh I love CANMAKE’s products!! please do review the products on second photo!

      I got these in Harajuku from the first drugstore I walked into. I grabbed everything (so heavy) and went on my day CARRYING ALL THESE STUFF … just to realize I have the exact same drugstore right beside my hotel selling the exact same stuff. *triple roll eyes* OWELLWORKOUT

      Oh you never cease to amaze me, Mango.

    11. PRODUCTS GALORE!!!! Waaaaah I can’t wait to see them all!!! When Kevin went to JP last summer he came home with huge bags of cosmetics too and it’s like a kid in a candy shop!!!! And your self control at only purchasing one box of lashes XD can’t wait to see second post!!!

    12. OMG!!!! LOOK AT ALL THOSE PRODUCTS!!!! I’m so jelly of you!!!! Cray cray, lol. Yes, I do get that way with shopping especially for food. LMAO. That’s why no one wants to take me shopping sometimes. ^^ I”m liking the canmake cheek and cheek product. Oooh, What does the waterproof eyebrow coat do??? Sounds like you had an amazing trip!!! <3 <3 <3 Can’t wait for the next post in Tokyo!!! :D

      <3 from Chuonie

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