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ZARA TRY-ON HAUL ☀️ vacation, work & casual outfits

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    blue tank top (xs $50)
    white midi skirt (xs $54)
      0:53 OUTFIT 1    
    ribbed top (S $22.9)
    denim pants (25 $49.9)
    Adidas samba  
      2:13 OUTFIT 2    
    black satin top (XS $39.9)
    white baggy jeans (25 $49.9)
    Sticky bra ( $7)
    nipple covers ( $2)
    black sandals (7 $60)
      3:44 OUTFIT 3    
    draped top (XS $35.9)
    linen pants (XS $49.9)
      5:00 OUTFIT 4    
    white cutout skirt (S $45.9)
    nude shorts ( $5.99)
    nude seamless underwear ( $5.49)
    ribbed top (S $22.9)
    white heels (xs $54)
      5:54 OUTFIT 5    
    white pleated top (XS $39.9)
    grey pants (XS $45.9)
    bralette (4 $58)
    white heels (xs $54)
      6:46 OUTFIT 6    
    denim maxi skirt (XS $49.9)
    white bodysuit (XS $46)
    Adidas samba  
    white bag  
    blue striped shirt (XS $39.9)
      7:56 OUTFIT 7    
    black sunglasses ( $5)
    Dior Saddle Bag ( $5000)
    black platform slides (7 $100)
      Celine belt    
      8:33 OUTFIT 8    
    black jeans (25 $49.9)
    black satin top (XS $39.9)
      9:24 OUTFIT 9    
    black strapless dress (XS $49.9)


    This summary is for this video

    The video begins with Kerina introducing herself and addressing the requests she received for various types of outfits.

    • 00:16 Functional Adult Outfits

    Karina discusses functional adult outfits suitable for different occasions, such as work and casual outings.

    • 00:21 Appropriate Vacation Outfits

    Karina showcases outfits suitable for vacations, providing a balance between casual and elegant styles.

    Karina informs viewers that all the outfits featured in the video will be linked in the description box.

    Karina shares her thoughts on a pair of high-rise straight jeans she purchased, expressing concerns about the sizing inconsistencies of the brand.

    • 00:53 Pink Top and Jeans

    Karina showcases a pink top paired with high-rise straight jeans, praising the color and style of the jeans while highlighting the quality of the top.

    Karina presents a satin top with embroidery details, discussing its non-see-through quality and mentioning the need for nipple pasties or sticky bras when wearing it.

    • 02:31 White Pair of Jeans

    Karina introduces a white pair of mid-rise full-length jeans, emphasizing their versatility and suitability for dinner outings or first dates.


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