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HUGE ZARA TRY-ON HAUL ☀️ vacation, work & casual outfits

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      intro outfit    
    blue button up shirt (s $31)
    denim shorts (24 $45)
      0:29 outfit 1    
    white linen shorts (XS $39.9)
    white crop tank (S $22.9)
    white bag  
    nb 530 runners (often out of stock!)  
    adidas ruffle socks (M $11)
    black sunglasses ( $5)
    nude shorts ( $5.99)
    nude seamless underwear ( $5.49)
      2:25 outfit 2    
    white crop tank (S $22.9)
    denim shorts (25 $39.9)
    denim shirt (XS $49.9)
      4:07 outfit 3    
    beige shorts (XS $35.9)
    knit cardigan (S $35.9)
    white crop tank (S $22.9)
    crochet tote bag ( $39)
    hazelnut mules (7.5 $38)
      4:38 outfit 4    
    grey shorts (S $25.9)
    white crop tank (S $22.9)
      6:08 outfit 5    
    white dress (XS $89.9)
    white shorts (S $12.9)
    black biker shorts (s $19)
    nude shorts ( $5.99)
    nude seamless underwear ( $5.49)
      7:32 outfit 6    
    grey tulle skirt (S $35.9)
    white bodysuit (XS $46)
    black platform slides (7 $100)
      8:40 outfit 7    
    pink pleated skirt (S $49.9)
    white tee (xs $30)
    white heels (xs $54)


    This summary is for this video


    • 00:00 Normalcy of Girls Having a Belly

    It is considered normal for girls to have a belly. Sometimes, certain clothing styles can make a person look like they are three to four months pregnant.

    • 00:10 Introduction to the Channel

    The author introduces themselves as Karina and mentions that their channel focuses on hauls and styling tips.

    • 00:13 Continuation from Part One

    The author welcomes viewers who are coming from part one of the Zara Haul.

    • 00:19 Jumping into the Haul

    The author proceeds to jump straight into the clothing haul.

    • 00:25 Description of a Bra Top

    A bra top made of towel material is showcased, which is said to give off a beachy vacation vibe.

    • 00:30 Terry Cloth Material

    The author mentions that the material of the bra top is terry cloth, also known as a cotton linen blend.

    • 00:33 Venice Beach Theme

    The bra top has a Venice Beach design and is recommended to be paired with shorts.



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