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    “We all have to know what we see online is just highlights of what they want you to see, even me!”


    Go to and use promo code LBXKERINA to get 15% off your Love, Bonito order of $100 or more!

    Kerina Wang - DAY IN MY LIFE | full time content creator

    Love, Bonito is a Singapore based, woman-owned slower fashion brand. Their fits are perfect for smaller body sizes and more.  They really put a lot of thought into what women want into their designs.

    Shop below:

    white pants (XS $59)
    white shirt shorts set (M $39)
    oat shorts (S $35)
    lilac halter top (S $35)
    pink tweed crop jacket (S $59)
    black cropped tee (S $29)
    cream jersey top (S $25)
    jeans (XS $59)
    nude pants (XS $59)
    black pants (XS $59)
    oat trench coat (S $99)
    green skirt (XS $49)
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