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Schoolgirl: Look 16 instantly!

    How to stay forever sweet 16?

    Which girl doesn’t want to be young, playful, girly and stuck forever in her Sweet 16? I personally think a major portion of feeling 16 actually comes from within and how you carry yourself – here are a few tips to help you instantly transform!!! Plus I think the uniform embroidery + plaid skirt school-girl look will never go out of style.
    Tip 1: Put on a schoolgirl outfit!!! 
    Tip 2: Be Shy (or pretend to be)
    The “OMG sitting on a park bench staring at flowers totally makes me shy” – look
    Tip 3: Be playful. Or Pout. Or both! 

    Modesty Tip: Try throwing on a sweater / cardigan if you’re planning on sporting this outfit outside… unless you’re going for the other schoolgirl look. =D
    Bonus Tip: Be very enthusiastic. about EVERYTHING!!!!!!
    HAVE FUN !!!!!!! YAY!! 

    61 thoughts on “Schoolgirl: Look 16 instantly!”

    1. I love love LOVE this style! I really like the school girl look, but only Asian people can really pull it off in my opinion. I mean, I’d love to wear this type of outfit too, but I know I’d look ridiculous, being all western european and lacking those delicate features that Asian girls have.

    2. OMG you’re so pretty! I love this outfit and you look fantastic ❤️❤️ would you like to follow each other via GFC? I’m now following you, so I hope you’ll follow back :) my blog is Red Velvet
      Have a nice day! I always follow back :) ❤️

    3. Absolutely kawaii! It’s difficult to find a set of school girl uniform except in those kinky shops. Haha… The last time I had a school girl theme, I had to scramble for a separate blouse and skirt so as to still end up decent.

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