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Holiday Outfit #2: Nude Bodycon Bandage Dress

    Hello Amazing Yummy Fluffballs, 
    To some of you this may be like a “OMG here she go again”, but I just can’t contain my excitement!!! It’s my birthday this weekend!!! ^.^v Hahahaha I will never understand why some girlies hide their real birthdays or not look forward to them OR keep saying the phrase “i’m getting old!” 
    Cuz I am, like, ya’kno, so like, TOTALLY, not there yet. And I don’t think I’ll ever be! 
    Like, Ever. *Somersaults*

    I have my birthday outfit picked already, and 
    1.) No, it’s not this outfit; 
    2.) No, it’s not my *birthday suit* 

    Just another holiday party idea! Who does’t love parties!? And who doesn’t like nudes?! 
    Or bodycon / bandage dresses! *wink*
    I paired it with my MK gold iPhone clutch and a pair of gold sandals
    Black would be perfect too!!!
    What is YOUR ideal holiday party outfit? 
    Stay tuned for my birthday post!

    47 thoughts on “Holiday Outfit #2: Nude Bodycon Bandage Dress”

    1. Simply divine darling :)
      I cannot wait to see your birthday post, my dear.
      Wish I could take you out to dinner and whatnot lol
      You continue to always mesmerise me with your beauty :)

    2. Haha love your attitude. I don’t know why girls try to hide it either. It’s like, everybody knows you age!?? You’re human, ya know!! lol. Hot outfit and you look gorgeous. Great style. I’m a new follower here on GFC :) :)
      zozo | atelier zozo

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