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Winter outfit: Cute Leggings!

    Winter is coming!!!! Toronto is soooo unnecessarily cold these days, FIRST SNOW YESTERDAY!! I am braving the weather to take pictures for you guys because I heart you guys to the max! <3 
    I also heart leggings! I have like, a gazillion leggings (read: around 50 pairs) in my closet – they range from simple black ones to nudes to patterned and this one I’m wearing is polka dot with printed lacy thigh-bands!

    Coat: Zara
    Shoes: Spring
    Scarf: China Street Stall
    Purse: Marc by Marc Jacobs
    Sweater: A&F kids (hahahahahaha!)
    Leggings: eBay
    Skirt: Gift

    p/s: I am a little bit WAY obsessed with leggings (and polka dots)! 

    What are your winter obsessions?

    62 thoughts on “Winter outfit: Cute Leggings!”

    1. omg i really love your fashion!! and you’re so skinny, im so jealous <3
      thank you for always commenting on my blog! you’re my favourite follower :)
      I hope the weather won’t make you sick :( take care!


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