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Unprofessional Sponsors

    Hi dollies,

    Here is an example of what I have been receiving in my inbox lately, from established companies / start-ups / sponsors / suppliers:

    “Hi Mango we at XXXX love your style and fashion! You are one of the few hand-selected bloggers to collaborate with us to be a part of an amazing campaign competition – all you need to do is compile multiple blog posts promoting XXXX, join our website and be active, & promote XXXX on all of your social networking sites! The winner will be selected and announced winner of the campaign ! “

    Let me get this straight. 
    1) you want me to promote your website on all of my social media platforms and my blog. Not just one – but multiple posts. 
    2) You want me to do #1 FOR FREE so I could win the “glory” of being named “winner of the campaign”.

    Uh…. how about….. no. 

    Yes, I understand that these companies are just starting up their business and probably don’t have adequate resources to engage in a financial collaboration with selected bloggers. However, the whole concept of “collaboration” stems from its definition of working together with stakeholders in an joint effort, with added value to ALL stakeholders, not just one (i.e. the company). 
    To me, this seems very unprofessional and ignorant of basic business strategies – you want someone to work hard for you? You have to compensate them. Now before you start thinking I’m all about $$$$, I’m not. A lot of times people misinterpret and are misinformed about the other components of compensation, including:
    • blog publicity (only if your company is famous. If I’m more established than you, why would I want publicity from you?)
    • An exchange of goods (Do you own a fashion / makeup company? How does providing store credits/discounts/free samples sound?)
    Would YOU do anything for free? Would YOU be ok If I asked you to publicize my blog on your website multiple times, then just sit and wait for the cashflow to MY blog when YOU’VE done all the work for free? I don’t think so. 
    If anyone disagrees with me, 

    That being said, I have never taken on a collaboration with a sponsor if I don’t believe in the quality of their products, or if I am being forced to “promote” them. I have also, never been financially compensated for any of my posts. More often than not, I would have to turn down a legit sponsor (even with an attractive package) if I don’t think I can do a good job; if the style does not fit me; if communication is terrible…. etc. 
    But I would rather turn down LEGITIMATE sponsors who know what they’re doing, than to collaborate with UNPROFESSIONAL people who strictly demand and don’t offer. 
    Some may say I’m heartless. 
    I say I’m protecting the reputation, quality, and credibility of me as a person, and my blog. 

    13 thoughts on “Unprofessional Sponsors”

    1. Oh dog… Really stupid and extortionate of them! I agree with you so hard, it’s good to know your own value and not to take on any crappy “collaborations”.

    2. Hey Mango! I’m sorry to hear that you have to deal with that unprofessional so-called “business” client. I had my fair share of so many nonsense wanting free advertisement and scamming so many bloggers. It’s annoying that they think collaboration work that way, collaboration means working together to benefit each other and it doesn’t necessarily mean free advertising,especially for online shops. And I think those online shops should have a budget if they want their website to be advertised, it’s how business work! It’s a stupid assumption that they can just ask bloggers to advertise for them for free, especially if they’re not even well known. Very unprofessional indeed! Anyways, I hope you’re well hunny! xx

      Take care always, love Christine ~ xo


    3. lol when people ask me to write posts for them and that I’ll get a measly 5% off coupon or $5 off a purchase of $70 I’m just like uh…I’m not that thirsty, sorry. Hopefully this post will stop those kinds of shops from contacting you. :P Whenever someone asks me to put up an affiliate code I just tell them no unless they’re sending me products. I’m not willing to advertise something that’s taking up space on my blog, that is literally no benefit to me.

    4. I’m really happy that you wrote this – I’m starting out, and I’ve started to get sponsors start to contact me (just one or two for now!) but it’s easy to get star-struck and get the crappy end of the deal if you’re not educated enough.

      Thank you so much, Mango! <3

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