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Red Autumn at the Thompson

    Hi Velvet Cupcakes,
    Are you REDy for another pic-heavy post?  Here are some of my favourite pics from my day on the lakeside of Toronto and getting invited to a Thompson Hotel event.
    Yay red maple leaf, come here you!!!~ :)
    I can’t believe how RED the leaves were!!! 

    Sorry for le blur but artsy though right!?!?
    In love with bokeh shots!!!!

    Do I look sad? I’m sad that I don’t live here – –

    What a day! Time to grab a taxi and go home!
    Special thanks to FASHIONOTES x WEARABLES for having me at their annual event, had so much fun!!!! 
    xoxo, Mango 
    Kerina Wang

    15 thoughts on “Red Autumn at the Thompson”

    1. you look goooorgeous, as always!! I’m loving those black booties in the pics – are they OK to walk in? I desperately need something that won’t break my ankles if i’m in them for a bit!!

      I can’t wait to see you!! <3

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