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Charmed Aroma – Perfect Holiday Gifts!

    Hello Hello charming angels,
    Where did the time fly to?!!?!? I cannot believe it’s almost Christmas, but that also means I cannot wait to share my ultimate Holiday Gift wishlist with you guys! OK those who know me (ahem Amira) knows I’m SUPER SUPER obsessed with scented candles. In fact, I think I may or may not have an extra 20 lying around in my house, just chilling, waiting for me to BURN THEM UP!
    In case you guys haven’t heard of the famous Charmed Aroma, they specialize in luxurious soy scented candles that just smell DIVINE.
    The best part? Each candle has up to $5000 worth of jewelry. 

    Yup, you heard that right. That means in addition to all that delicious scent wafting through your house, you will have that element of surprise waiting for you…as you burn the candles to unwrap your jewelry item! I love how the Charmed Aroma candles have super luxurious packaging, and the wax used are soy-based!

    After 1-2 hours of burning each candle, you’ll notice a gift wrapped in aluminum foil hidden underneath all that yummy scent!
    Using any tool you like (I’m using a tweezer), carefully grip the package to loosen it in case it is still lodged in some solid wax. Please beware of burning yourselves!
    Ta-dah!!!! My jewelry is out now and I cannot wait to unwrap it!! *gosh the anticipation*
    After you take out the package, I recommend rinsing it in some cold tap water before attempting to use your fingers since it may still be hot! Some paper towels are also a good idea if you want to keep your surface clean and wax-free! ^^
    Now the exciting part – UNWRAPPING THE JEWELRY! Each jewelry item is hand-wrapped with love and carefully placed into the candle – you can really feel the warmth and the effort that goes into these goodies!
    There’s an additional layer of sealed plastic wrap inside the aluminum foil so your precious jewelry item will be totally protected and wax-free!
    And…. my ring emerges!!!! Look at all that gorgeousnessssss… I can’t believe it came from a candle!
    Mine all Mine!!! The ring fits a bit loose on me (all rings are size 7s which are average North American finger sizes), but my fingers are are disproportionately tiny.
    Some of their scents
    Gosh, looking at their pics make me really hungry for some reason!
    My favorite scent: Velvet Peach!!
    These Charmed Aroma candles are the perfect gift ideas for the Holiday Season, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, or even for birthdays, anniversaries, and any other “just-because” presents! They have soooo many different kinds of jewels hidden in the candles, click HERE to see the full jewelry gallery, and HERE to see my unwrapping video!
    Plus which girl doesn’t like up to $5000 worth of jewel in their candle ?!?! 
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    What are some of YOUR Christmas wishlists?
    xoxo, Mango
    Kerina Wang

    11 thoughts on “Charmed Aroma – Perfect Holiday Gifts!”

    1. omgsh whaaat! that’s so cute, with the jewelry!!

      I would love love love to smell that vanilla scented one -that’s my absolute fave smell!

      I’m home in couple days – see you SOON hopefully!! XOXO

    2. omg omg i am unconsciously sniffing right now >_< those candles omg… they looks so pretty, and the name tag, everything sounds so yummy and I’m a sucker for anything with nice fragrance and it even gives a surprise ring! GOSH! I am THIS tempted to just buy everything but I am broke enough already with all the christmas sale that is going on… *SOBS* whyyy does this happen to meeeeeeeeeeeeeee *CRIES* *WAILS*

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