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Fall in Love with Evergreen Brickworks

    Hi darlings~~,
    A few weeks ago, I had the chance to drop by The Evergreen Brickworks in Toronto.  It’s a really really cool place that was an old brick-factory, but now it’s a park, market, and lots of weddings happen there??  VERY HIPSTER if you ask me.  Any hooo~~~ there is a great big beauuutiful park behind the brickworks (not a lot of people know, it’s our secret okie!! ^ ^), here are some of my favourite pictures from my Brickworks adventure!

    This is part of the old brick factory, it was getting dark. Definitely not safe for me!!

    You can get these looks from the links below :)
    First Outfit
    Beige Scarf – H&M
    Second Outfit
    Sweater – I don’t remember sorrrri >.<“”””
    Any Black Boots – Mine were from Zara

    xoxo, Mango 

    Kerina Wang

    8 thoughts on “Fall in Love with Evergreen Brickworks”

    1. super love your styleeee~! I love the uneven cuts of your sweater! And the autumn leaves!! MEEEEP TOO BEAUTIFUL *cough* *sorry, I got too excited* and you’re looking so adorable as always >3< and the one where you wore black thick jacket is just toooo adorableeee *squish*

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