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Fun with Essence Cosmetics

    Hello frozen fairies! 
    Today is the first day of December! Like, WHERE DID ALL THE YEAR OF 2014 GO!?!?!? Isn’t it crazy to think that one year just passes by like THIS *snaps fingers*. Sooner or later we’ll all be travelling at the speed of light! Anyway, this December, I’ll be sharing some of my holiday festive season favourites, and this bunch of goodies from Essence Cosmetics is one of them! 
     If you haven’t heard of Essence Cosmetics, they are a cosmetic brand originated in Europe, but has expanded to Canada lately. Their makeup products are top quality, fun, flirty, and best of all, NOT EXPENSIVE AT ALL! For the price of one high-end blush you can probably buy 10 Essence blushes. #notkidding. Thank you Faulhaber Communications for this Essence goodie bag!

    Essence All about Sunrise and All about Nude Eyeshadow Palettes
    Single eyeshadows in Black Goddess, Disco Diva, My Baby Blue, and Chill Out
    Shimmer metal glam eyeshadows in coffee to glow, chocolate jewelry, and golden up!
    These are one of my favorites! Gel liner in a pencil, they are waterproof and smudgeproof, and EASY TO APPLY! 
    Swatches of the Gel liners. Look at the teal! That will look gorgeous as an upper or lower liner!
    Can you believe these lipsticks retail under $7 each? 

    Swatches for the lip liner – also one of my favorites! Super creamy, long lasting, and less than $3!!!
    Ultrashine Lipgloss that’s somehow super shiny and nonsticky. “true love” and “big night out”
    Swatches for True Love and Big Night Out! The miniscule shimmer particles will really oomph up your lips! (excuse the arm hairs)
    Effect Nail Polishes is perfect on its own or as a topcoat for that extra bling
    I save my favorite for last. Essence polishes are very comparable to the consistency of Opi polishes and the durability of Essie, but costs under $3 each! Super, SUPER recommend!
    Canadian residents, you’re in luck! If you haven’t already noticed, Essence cosmetics is exclusively only found in Shoppers Drug Marts and Pharmaprix all across Canada, and they have tons more fun and high quality makeup items than what I’ve listed. To me, one of the most important factors in expressing yourself through makeup is TO HAVE FUN. And it’s not a ton of fun if that costs about $50 per eyeshadow. Essence cosmetics really embodies what I believe to be daring, fun makeup, great for beginners or those on a budget, as most of their items cost under $8! You don’t need to break the bank to look beautiful! 
    Have you tried any Essence makeup products? 
    What are some of your favorite items!?
    xoxo, Mango
    Kerina Wang

    19 thoughts on “Fun with Essence Cosmetics”

    1. meep! did I just lost my comment here? *WEEEEEPS* I’ve written some really heartfelt (okay, maybe not) comment and it disappeared! (or did it go for moderation?) eh, anyway I will just re-write it again. What did I say, though?

      Sooo… it’s pretty hard to get essence here from where I am, since well, you know, I’m not in the US~ but I’ve heard of it, and been wanting it since.. not forever but long enough, heheh~ and this review tempts me even more! Especially the lipsticks and lip liners! They’re so affordable, too! woot woot~! and the eye pencils! Meep, I’m a sucker for eyeliners >_< in any kind of shapes! UGH

    2. Wow so many products!!! We have Essence products here in the United States as well! My favorite is their nail polish in the color “You Belong To Me.” It is the perfect mint green shade for spring time!! Thank you so very much for your super sweet comment on my blog! I am now following you!! Can’t wait to see more!!


    3. I went crazy when I first discovered Essence! They have such lovely items and have regular limited editions full of awesome items, it’s almost impossible not to spend our money. And the best part is that they have good quality items at very reasonable prices!

      I own the two palettes as well and I love the colours and I also have the sparkling sugar polish and a few more items. The matyffying compact powder, is amazing, I’ve using it for half a year and actually DOES help controlling the shine for oily skin. I recommend that to everyone I know!
      I also want to apologize for my absence, but a lot of bad things have happened it’s been hard to deal with and I couldn’t blog about it and warn everyone, because it’s very personal and I don’t want certain people to read it. So for that I’m truly sorry. But it’s always nice to be back, check the blogs and talk to everyone!

      Kisses and take care.
      Happy Holidays!

    4. I’ve discovered your blog and I like it!! I’m following you on bloglovin! Hopefully, you will do the same~
      Well you bought a lot of stuff from Essence. I’m not really into it, because a powder has irritated my skin and now I have a bad impression of it. But you seem to love them, so why don’t I give them a second chance? Okay I will try their eyeshadows out maybe….

    5. ooh I’ve never tried any product from essence cosmetics before, boo me :( but I do really want to! by the way my most favorite from your haul is the all about nude eyeshadow. it looks like clinique eyeshadow duo that I’ve been using for a year ^^


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