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[Review] Mizon AHA 8% Peeling Serum

    Hi snail babies!
    I think we are currently living in the era of the Snail Products. Wait, scratch that. Reddit just told me that we’re now officially in the Starfish era!!!! <3 Reddit is also the one leading me to the very (awesome) discovery of Mizon products, in particular, the Mizon AHA 8% Peeling Serum.

    Prior to this, I haven’t even heard of Mizon products, so you can only imagine my skepticism when I discovered it and thought, “oh yippee, another Korean skincare brand, as if there aren’t enough to dazzle ourselves with.” But what sold me was the high percentage of the AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) content. AHA is a great peeling agent to slough away your dead skincells faster than they normally shed… kinda like exfoliating without the… actual exfoliant! =D

    I purchased mine from RoseRoseShop for about $12USD, which is not too bad for a face serum! The packaging is mad cool, I spent about 20 minutes in the beginning trying to figure out how exactly to open the bottle! (you just gotta twist really hard but I was being delicate >_<)
    The dispenser is a super cool combination pump – dropper design, similar to Estee Lauder’s cult favorite Advanced Night Repair, BUT BETTER!!! See the pump at the top? Mad cool. Pushing it down releases the serum, and there’s actually a stopping point you will feel when you’ve dispensed exactly the amount that you need per application!
    The serum in action. It’s a clear, transparent viscous fluid that has a semi slippery consistency, and definitely feels like it can bring more “bounce” to your skin if that makes sense!
    What is looks like after you’ve massaged some into your skin.
    My Verdict: 

    At first application, I distribute the serum among my fingertips and pat it onto my skin, then gradually even it out using patting motions. At first it has a very slippery texture, and is super easy to smooth out. Then I feel it getting slightly sticky, not in a bad way though, because this is when I can really feel the product being absorbed into my skin.

    Then comes the ever-so-slightly stinging sensation (only in areas where microtears are in the surface of the skin, like a popped pimple or light scratches) which is absolutely normal for AHA peelants. Once it’s fully absorbed into the skin, I follow up with my usual nighttime moisturizer, the Laneige Light Balancing Emulsion (read review here) and I don’t feel oily or sticky or uncomfortable!

    I’ve continuously used this day and night for 2 weeks, and I have nothing but good things to say about it. My skin looks and feels MUCH SMOOTHER (due to the quicker turnaround time in skin peeling) and my acne scars faded much quicker than they normally do. (see picture) The only downside I found is that it does tend to run out pretty fast (especially if you use the dispenser the right way)

    Tips when using AHA Peeling Serum:

    1.Remember that AHAs are not universal answers to all our skin troubles, we still need to keep up a moisturizing and mask treatment routine few times a week for invigoration and deep cleansing. When using AHA products, avoid cleansers that leave a film after rinsing (i.e. lotion cleansers, natural soaps etc) because they may prevent the AHA’s from penetrating the skin, reducing their effectiveness. Choose a foam or liquid face wash instead!
    2. Because of the high percentage of AHA contained in this serum, it should be the star of our skincare regime and any moisturizer used afterwards should be light and free from jam-packed “goodies”, since too much stimulation can be bad for the skin!

    Have you used this serum or any other products from Mizon??? Let me know! 

    I am also super curious about the Mizon snail products!
    xoxo, Mango
    Kerina Wang

    11 thoughts on “[Review] Mizon AHA 8% Peeling Serum”

    1. I’ve always wanted to try Mizon products but I’ve always been scared at the thought of using snail products!
      This product sounds really good and I have heaps of acne scars so it looks like it’s worth trying out !! :)


    2. The Mizon AHA/BHA toner broke me out horribly :( But I would probably still try this serum… maybe it works better? Glad it works for you so well! My skin can certainly not take AHAs on an everyday basis..

    3. Hello!! Thanks for this review! May you please do a pH test on this product? I’ve been advised to start using AHA for my clogged comedones and am informed that the pH range should be within 3 and 4 for best and safer results. Thanks!!!

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