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Screw New Year’s Resolutions!

    Happie New Year’s Eve 2014!
    A new year, a fresh start! Who’s like me – a non-believer in new year resolutions? You shouldn’t wait for any specific occasion to set goals for yourself and stick to them! 
    Wanna dye your hair deep purple? 
    Book an appointment now!

    Wanna own that start-up business that’s been forever stuck in the procrastination “pre-planning” phase? 
    Learn html and register for a domain NOW! 
    Wanna lose 10 pounds? Why wait till the new year when you probably have to lose an additional 5?   Go work out now! (Who says eating healthy is inversely proportional to having fun?)
    Wanna ask that cute guy / girl out for a date? (don’t wait til they go partying and meet new people!)
    Call her now. Or text. Or facebook. Or whatever’s the most happening platform nowadays =.=
    Wanna get your PhD in Biostats because you’re super cool like that?
    Contact your profs NOW!
    Insert random *selfies* here ^.^ Because I can! YAY!  

    Ok you get the point. I’m not saying New Years Resolutions are dumb (they are if you don’t stick to them). I’m saying you don’t need any reason or any occasion to start anew, do whatever you want to do, make goals for yourself, and motivate yourself to stick by them.

    There is no time better than NOW and it’s NEVER TOO LATE to pursue anything. I was stuck in the “pre-planning” phase of starting a blog for the longest time, whining about not having

    – the right “equipment” (i.e. cameras, tripods)
    – the right skills (I used to know as much html as a rabbit knows to solve quadratic equations)
    – the right lighting (haha yah right)
    – the time and space to start a blog

    But those are just excuses I made for myself.
    The only equipment you’ll ever need is your determination, your passion and your brain. 
    (Unless you have no computer / mobile device / internet in which case how are you reading this post?)

    NOW you should REALLY get my point. 
    Screw New Year’s Resolutions. Make today resolutions!
    And in case you’re wondering, Yes you should get that dress. NOW!
    Love you all! 

    70 thoughts on “Screw New Year’s Resolutions!”

    1. So, so, so true!
      I’m getting off my bum and buying myself a proper tripod so I can update more for my blog. c:
      And working out, after I leave this comment.

      Honestly, so many people just keep saying they’ll do something but they never actually DO it. I think it’s a great mindset to be in – to just get up and DO whatever it is you want/should! Best advice out there, really. c:

      Happy New Year! c:

    2. Great outfit darling. And I am absolutely with you. I never make any New Years resolution whatsoever. If I want to change something, I do it now. What the point of waiting? Sweetie I wish you a very Happy New Year, full of Happiness, Love and Joy.
      kisses darling

      1. Yea totally I mean people say that “u can’t change” but that’s such a broad statement! I think anyone can change things like bad habits, health, and over time, attitude. I think adaptability is bery bery important!

    3. Hahaha I agree bunny!!~ take action now!! :]

      You look lovely in the New Years Eve outfit! I hope 2014 is going to be an even better year for you than 2013!!
      Keep blogging and IGing and I’ll never stop supporting you ^__^ Hehehe

    4. You look stunning and I totally agree with you on your view of New Year’s resolutions! If you want to do something, just do it! No matter the time of year. Hope you had a fabulous night. Keep it touch! xx

      Happy Holidays,

    5. Your posts are just amazing!
      I love reading them! :)
      I agree the only things you really need to start a blog are: your passion and your brain! Your blog is really becoming an inspiration for me!

      Thanks for sharing this with us :)

    6. Happy new year! You look fabulous as always! ♥

      Rather than resolutions, I made goals for 2014. I agree with you with not having to wait for the new year to do what you’ve always wanted to do.

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