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Review: Sephora Rose Gold Eyeliner

    Hi my lovely fluffy snowflakes!!! 
    I hope all of you had an AMAZING christmas with AMAZING presents!!!! 
    If you remember from my Birthday Sephora Haul post, you’d remember that 
    I was on the hunt for a rose gold pencil eyeliner for the LONGEST TIME!!! 

    I know that the EM Cosmetics (Michelle Phan’s cosmetic line) has a rose gold waterliner… but I live in Canada and it’s at a semi-steep price of $30 + Tax + Shipping + Waiting time (which is the most important as we all know you cannot get lost time back) 
    Which is why I’ve resorted to just buying any rose-gold eyeliner I first lay eyes on, turned out it was the Sephora Contour Eye Pencil 12Hr Wear in 07 – Girl Talk! 
    DESIGN: 8/10
    I love how they show the color of the eyeliner on the tip of the liner. I swear sometimes when all my liners are in my brush holder it’s easy to go cross-eyed trying to figure out which is which.
    I would’ve loved a retractable filling instead of a sharpening filling, but at $13 dollars I won’t complain.

    COLOR PAYOFF: 9/10

    It has a base rose-gold color with golden shimmers in it – The swatches below demonstrate 1 swipe and 2 swipes of the liner on my forearm – and you can clearly see the difference in color payoff but the end result is totally up to you depending on how buildable you want the color to be!

    EFFECT: 10/10
    I LOVE how this rose gold eyeliner matches the color of my waterline! It makes my eyes look brighter and more awake with just a subtle hint of shimmer! 
    It also gives an innocent teary watery eye look which is really popular in Asia! 

    One more selfie pic to show you just how the eyeliner manages to brighten my whole eye area!

    STAY-ON POWER: 9/10

    To my surprise, this eyeliner managed to stay on my waterline for the entire night! That is really impressive, considering how this wasn’t marketed as a “waterliner” or even “waterproof”

    Versatility: 10/10 

    This liner can be used in so many ways than just an eyeliner! You can use it to:

    1) Highlight your browbone
    2) Brighten the inner corners of your eyes
    3) Create an aegyo-sal (If you don’t know what this is click here)
    4) Add some glitter/sparkle/shimmer to the balls of your eyes on top of your eyeshadows!

    In conclusion, If you want eyes that are more:

    – awake / bright / innocent / angelic / teary / watery / aegyo-sal

    This rose-gold liner would be the perfect eyeliner for you – even better than white!

    Do you have any experience with this liner? Or any other rose-gold liners? Do share!

    Kerina Wang

    51 thoughts on “Review: Sephora Rose Gold Eyeliner”

    1. Wow, that rose gold liner looks amazing on you! I must look for something similar! I feel like going on a Sephora shopping haul myself, I just got a $50 gift card from work for the mall I work at so I plan on spending it all on makeup ;) I planned on getting the Naked3 palette but since it’s sold out I think I’ll go for another one instead…

      Thanks so much for following my blog, I’ve followed back on GFC! Also, love getting to know other Canadian bloggers as well!

      Happy New Year!!

      xx Debbie

      1. Thanks Debbie! Wow lucky you! That $50 sephora gift card sounds like an awesome present! <3 I just got the Naked2 Palette and am LOVING IT! I will do a review on it but in the meantime i highly recommend it to you if you’re looking for something along those lines! <3

        Happy new year to you too! <3

    2. Hi mango for some reason blogger doesn’t let me sign in >< anyway the eyeliner looks really lovely! I love the color <3 and you’re one gorgeous lady love your pics ^^ looking forward to more of your posts :3

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    4. nice review *_* i like the color and you have cute eyes! your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


    5. It looks so pretty on your eyes!! Too bad there isn’t a Sephora in UK! I will have to get it when i go back to Canada! It looks great for the festive season!! Thanks for the review!!

    6. Thanks for the follow dear!

      And I LOVE the gold eyeliner! I’m surprised it stays on your waterline~ Great find for your first gold liner purchase~ You’re so gorgeous with it on~ ^_^ I’m definitly going to try and find it now~ Thanks Mango and Have a Happy New Year!

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