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Neck Swag Spring Summer 2014

    Hello Hello minnies and mickeys,

    Toronto has gone from freezing to melting in about 4 days!!! That means YAY for summer!! But also means we gotta watch out for the cold…. I myself have fallen sick (i know again >_< #noimmunesystem) so PLEASE BE CAREFUL!

    For this complicated weather, I always, ALWAYS carry a scarf around with me. It’s easy to just stash into your purse, and when it’s windy or raining it can do wonders for bundling us up! Jean Marie Boutique was super generous to let me pick out 2 items for review, and I thought what better than to do a NECK SWAG post because I’ve never done one before and it’s the perfect timing!

    For the lucky people experiencing summer in its full glory, here’s a BEAUTIFUL NECKLACE to compliment any casual summer outfit.

    I love love statement necklaces, and I think this summer it’s all the raging trend, especially when paired with a simple, solid-colored top. This necklace consists of 6 black gemstones that sparkle in the light, and the position it falls on your neck is perfect for any scuba-neck or scoop neck tops. even sweetheart or tube-top necklines! Love how it’s super versatile. AND the color goes with everything! 
     In my case, I picked a simple white dress and a pink blazer. Notice how it gave my outfit a pop of focus and color? The necklace also came with a matching set of earrings, but I chose to exclude them for the outfit because remember: 
    you don’t want to have too many similar styled accessories going on at the same time – it can clutter up your look!
    Now for when the wind is blowing, or when it’s just chilly and you don’t want your neck to freeze to death~ hehe! This infinity-lace scarf is perfect to just roll into a ball and keep in your purse when you don’t need it (super lightweight too!) but when you do, it’s easy enough to just throw and wrap around your neck like I did – super effortless and KEEPS YOU WARM! This beautiful scarf also comes in the color MINT which I desperately want to get but is currently out of stock =(

    Again, see how I didn’t change outfits at all, BUT still managed to pull off both neck swags? It’s because both the necklace AND the scarf has a color scheme that is perfect for spring summer – they are grey/black toned so it matches with the bright colors that we tend to reach for in this season! They also help tone down the brightness and give a cool tone to our outfit in general! 
    Which neck swag do you prefer? Necklace or Scarf?
    If you’re like me and love BOTH, feel free to check out 
    They have really good fashion, accessory, and jewelry picks! Tennille is also amazing with e-mails and will respond to any inquiries you have prompty :)
    For you guys because I love you so much, use this coupon code:
    for 10% off everything! 

    xoxo, Mango 

    Kerina Wang

    16 thoughts on “Neck Swag Spring Summer 2014”

    1. Hey Mango! You look sooo gorgeous in pink! I love statement necklaces like the black necklace you got.. it’s so great to wear for formal or casual attires, and fantastic way to glam-up any outfit. :) Loving the pink blazer and pink heels too! I’m so obsessed with the Valentino studded heels design.. but I think I have way too much high heels at the moment.. hehe. Hope you have a fabulous week my love! mwaah;*

      Take care always, love Christine ~ xo

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