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GEO Lens Review: Magic Ultra Black & Big Grang Grang Choco

    Walalalala snow fairies!!!

    I just saw Frozen so all my lexicon is snow-related. Hahahaha! I am so excited to show you another lens review! I think I am sooo magically blessed to have all of my readers, you guys, who support me in my blogging adventure and that’s my motivation to cram post after post for you!  
    Ok on to the review – these lenses are from LENSCIRCLE, and Amy has INCREDIBLE customer service. If you like my GEO Eyes Cream review (see here), you would love these lenses. 
    LENSCIRCLE sent me three pairs of lenses, along with a vintage cute contacts lens mirror case and three furry pouches! *Freebie galore* <3 
    The GEO Magic Ultra Black (XCK 105) vs GEO Big Grang Grang Choco (WHC-246)
    ♦ Diameter : 15.0mm ♦ Water Content : 38% ♦ Base Curve : 8.7mm ♦ Life Span : 1 year disposal

    Here I’m wearing one lens in each eye in natural lighting – I look kinda crazy! 
    OR exotic. OR sexy. Whichever Lens you see it with. HAHAHAHAHA do you get it??? <3
    The GEO Big Grang Grang is my favourite so far of ALL my lens collection! I love love love love the subtlety of the deep brown, it matches almost perfectly with my natural dark brown eyes! 

    The Magic Ultra Black is a MUST in your lens collection if you’re going for the ULZZANG look! It definitely is a true black, and it gives such a huge huge magnifying effect!! 
    Comfort wise, I think they are both comparable – I wore them ALL day (even play volleyball in them) and they were great! A little bit more drying than my usual lens but that’s expected of these yearly disposable lenses. 
    Do you want a pair? 
    Get them from LENSCIRCLE (15% Off)
     with this COUPON CODE: 
    Which one is your favorite?????
    OMG I love them both so much I can’t choose! 

    Kerina Wang

    20 thoughts on “GEO Lens Review: Magic Ultra Black & Big Grang Grang Choco”

    1. ohh! i love the choco brown! usually circle lenses take out the lively shine from out of your eyes but those look super nice!! not dead-ish at all,haha (=


    2. Hi, new follower #316. ^^ Yes, the ultra black one is a must have for Ulzzangs but I also like the choco one too! :) Thanks for the review! <3

      <3 from Chuonie

    3. They are both really pretty but the effect is quite different in the end, so it is a bit difficult to choose. But, I think I like the GEO Big Grang Grang Choco better for some reason. I can’t explain, but they look more natural, maybe. You look good with both!
      I also wash my hands a lot during the day and it hurts so much… Hand cream is essential!
      Thannk you for following me and commenting. I’ve also added you on GFC.

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