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Late Summer / Early Fall Outfit

    Hello my yummie bunnies, 

    I know we are currently on all the cool FALL trends (for all Toronto people!), but for those lucky lucky girlies residing in LA or areas where hardcore winters will never be found, I’ve decided to put together an outfit that’s perfect for Late Summer or Early Fall, where the temperature is hovering around 18 degree celcius!!!

    My purse is a birthday present from my fiance – it’s the Balenciaga Giant 12 Cross-Shoulder bag (which doesn’t make sense cuz it’s not “Giant” at all…) The pink is the perfect balance to the nude+black theme! 

    My dress is 2-toned from H&M

    My boots are from Urban Planet!

    Both VERY VERY VERY AFFORDABLE! *high-fives self*

    I’m sporting a matching theme between my top half and bottom half… Notice how the combination Nude + Black is repeated for top and bottom? I compiled my outfit this way so that my body is not entirely divided by 2 colors – this gives it a more interesting and visually appealing effect!

    For this reason, I love thigh-high leggings/stockings.

    But in the past I’ve had friends/readers that complain to me about the leggings / stockings sliding down their legs as they walk (o.o) or is too tight that they create a bulge between the elastic and thigh (not very attractive imo unless you’re inclined that way).

    If you have the same problem, I’ve got the answer for you.

    The answer is….

    Fake thigh-high stockings.

    When I first found out about this I was so mind blown like OMGWTFKFCBBQ MAX GENIUS because it’s perfect for weathers where it’s semi-cold and you want to wear full leggings BUT still have the effect that you’re ONLY WEARING THIGH-HIGHS!!!! Plus it won’t slip and slide or create a bulge. Genius. 

    Final pic to show my lovely lovely scarf which I’m obsessed with for late summer / early fall! It’s mint green with romantic flowers!!!  (who doesn’t like flowers? No one.)

    It literally goes with EVERYTHING. Like EVERYTHING. (refer to my Instagram if you wanna know exactly how LITERAL I take it)

    I bought this on but they’ve discontinued this =( You can shop similar scarfs on the site though!

    YAY! That was my way overdue OOTD from early October, hopefully it’ll still inspire lucky people living in warmer seasons.

    Stay tuned for my Fall /  Winter OUTFIT!!!!!

    13 thoughts on “Late Summer / Early Fall Outfit”

    1. Love the two toned dress and the stockings! You look beautiful :) I really enjoy your blog so far and would love to follow each other–please join my GFC and I’ll follow you right back!
      I recently joined Instagram and hope we can connect there too :)


      xo Jess

    2. Those stockings are genius! No more tugging at loose thigh-highs for me! Houston is still in the low 70s right now, so this outfit would be perfect for the weather. I just wish that I had that gorgeous scarf to top off my outfits.


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