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Fall Outfit : 3 Tips to Elongate your legs!!

    When fall arrives, I think of … trench coats, long cardigans, and…. any long outerwear. While they’re fashionable, they have the tendency to bulk us up…. or CUT OFF OUR LEGS!!!

    Here are some GREAT TIPS for those of you who are looking to stay warm, AND show off your best assets at the same time!!! 

    Tip #1 : Find a loose-fitting but SHORT sweater (Keyword is SHORT!)

    A loose-fitting SHORT sweater serves 2 purposes here:

    i) Accenting the contrast and proportion between top and bottom. Since we are elongating our legs with tights, a loose top that cuts off at the waist will create an optical illusion of a shorter top and longer, slimmer legs! 

    ii) Hiding LAYERS underneath! It’s COLD, so this gives us a chance to bundle up on the inside!!!

    Tip #2: Find a warm scarf 

    A scarf is essential for the colder days, since we can dress it up OR down. Needless to say, it provides WARMTH as well as CHICNESS!!!!

    Tip #3: Find a pair of boots/heels that MATCHES THE COLOUR OF LEGGINGS

    Whole point is to make our legs seem longer! Not having that clear-cut distinction between the end of the leggings and the start of the boots will give people the illusion that your LEGS reach down TO THE GROUND! 


    Kerina Wang

    39 thoughts on “Fall Outfit : 3 Tips to Elongate your legs!!”

    1. You look so lovely, warm and snug in the cold and your legs indeed look like they go on forever. It is true that the same colour boots really elongate your legs.

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