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Japan Trip (Pic Heavy) !!!

    O.M.G I know I TOTALLY disappeared… but I got good reason!!!! (Shall reveal later). Although admist all of my disappearance i’ve been bugged quite a bit to update my blog! So Amira, this post is dedicated to you! LOVE YOU BABE!!! Anyways…. a lot of you guys know I went to Tokyo a whileeeee back (like in April) so to makeup for my lack of an update and my super delayed Tokyo post, i shall spam this post. You have been warned. PIC HEAVY!!!! 
    I’m gonna start off with a pretty touristy post… me in a subway station. You reallie can’t get more uncreative than this – I just wanted to show off my pastel outfit of the day…in japan :D
    Tell me that THIS IS NOT THE BIGGEST COLLECTION OF BEAUTY DRINKS YOU’VE EVER SEEN IN YOUR LIFE! Ok don’t tell me if you’re in japan cuz that would be kinda cheating. So in case you’re wondering what they are…. the Japanese are leaders in the field of ingesting collagen and/or other drinks packed with minerals and vitamins and acids and collagen and goodies that are both yummy and supposedly helps you get that 20 year old skin when you’re like 45. ON TOP of all the crazy skincare products they already use! *mindblown* Just FYI I bought a few of these…and will be doing a review on them later! <3 Just to see what the effects are… if they really do revitalize my skin like they claim… cuz they’re not cheap you know so they better work!

    See normally I would remember where I took this but because this was 4 months ago… I completely forgot. But I’m not sorry because I still think it’s pretty awesome! GIANT F21 and look at allllll the ppl!!! this was at like 11pm at night btw! Funny how I remember the time but not the location <3

    This, my friends, is my FAVORITE MAKEUP EVER. You can also say they are a godsend of beautifully and delicately packaged goodies to wreck the wallets of young girls… (including me). JILL STUART cosmetics are the girliest, most dainty, sparkly, princessy, pinky, throw-in-whatever-adjectives-that-resembles-the-picture!!!! I also bought some that I will REVIEW REVIEW!!! 

    I LOVE JAPANESE FRUIT AND VEGETABLES TEA AND JUICE!!! especially peach tea i am OBSESSED. How can the packaging be so cute!!! #wannatakeyouhomeandneverdrinkyou

    Some goodies I found in a local convenience store. PEACH WINE! (omg yums), a pack of strawberries (WHICH WERE THE SWEEETEST, FLUFFIEST, most cotton-candy tasting strawberries Ive ever had in my life no exaggeration no joke guys), some seaweed rice balls in both round and triangle shapes, and an egg. Yup. An individually packaged, cooked egg. READY for you to grab for breakfast when you’re speedwalking to work! 

    Ive posted this on my Instagram and captioned it: JAPANESE DRINKS DEFY GRAVITY. It’s true!!!!! Another peach alcoholic drink that defied gravity! Hehehehe I was so confused when I first opened it like…this…. turns out you gotta shake it REAL HARD since it’s jello ! *melts* PEACH JELLO SAKE DRINK! 

    Low rez selfie but I don’t care because I AM ON TOP OF THE WORLD! of Tokyo. You can see the Tokyo Tower in the background!!!!!! 

    I don’t think a trip to Japan will be complete without a selfie of pockies. There are literally a gazillion kinds of pockies available…I regret not snapping a pic! I guess my face will just have to do :)

    I also posted this on Instagram and offered free hugs and ice cream if anyone can tell me what those Japanese characters are called because, um, I would like to order a gazillion of those bunnies on eBay please. #TOOCUTETOCAREABOUTWALLET

    I want to caption this ONLY IN JAPAN but i won’t. Maybe Korea or some other Asian places have this too…. but these are CIRCLE LENSES! In all types, colors, disposables, you name it. And this was just ONE CORNER of the store. There was an entire WALL of these… I actually looked forward to picking up some lenses when in tokyo but after this it kinda intimidated me..I think unless you read Jap or you are FULLY CERTAIN exactly which ones you want, you may get intimated too and end up not getting any… T.T

    Random selfie of me and the fiance! (now hubby!) totally forgot where but #ohwellYOLOselfiesmoreimportant

    everyone who is touristy will know that a trip to japan will ALSO be incomplete without trying TOKYO BANANA!!!!!! They are a really famous snack, which is kinda like twinkies with a banana filling (and of course being Japanese, really cute and girly print and even a bow tie at the top!) AND THEY TASTED SOOOOOO GOOD. like a 100000x better than twinkies!! I bought a pack for myself and some to take home for my friends but I couldn’t help it and ate the whole thing. #sorrynotsorry

    At tokyo DisneySea with the infamous DUFFYBEAR!!!!! IMO This pic look soooooo pathetic cuz it is soo obvious that I plucked out one Duffy and posed with it… but you get the idea. Also was FREEZING that day in DisneySea so was wearing 5 layers of knitwear. I kid you not. KNITWEAR! How Jap girls can tank the cold in a mini skirt and a low-cut croptop I will never understand. 

    TaDah! I’m finishing this post with the famous Sakura Tree behind me! And btw, I totally took a Youtube Video featuring these trees so if you havn’t already checked it out YOU NEED TO GO I WILL FEDEX ICE CREAM TO YOU <3 
    xoxo, Mango 

    20 thoughts on “Japan Trip (Pic Heavy) !!!”

    1. yesssss, update!!! ahh!

      First – I cannot WAIT to hear what you’ve been up to??? ahh!

      This trip looked phenomenal – jealous!! I love busy cities..and that picture at 11 oclock at night is amazing! Look at the shopping!
      Your outfits are always theeee best. You look gorgeous, no surprise!

    2. HEY GIRL I miss you and your posts so much!
      Though I’ve never been to Tokyo, I love my journey to Kyoto, Osaka, Nara and Hokkaido last year!! Your pics make me wanna go to Japan again – I miss their scenery and food (and shopping, of course LOL)! I can’t wait to see your next post coz I know it’s going to be awesome as always! :D

      Lilian x

    3. Soo cuute~ kawaii~ I almost thought you became a Japanese school girl, hahaha! Want your closet~ omg, check out all those Japanese beauty products and plushies~ <33 I wanna go to Japan too~ one of my must visit places soon! X

      Chic Nikkie

    4. Awesome! I miss Japan (x.x) I absolutely love the pictures. I love the last pic!!!

      I haven’t been out of the country since 2007! I’m making it a goal next year to visit Philippines and Japan again :D

    5. OMG!!! Another awesome post!!! Japan looks awesome!!! Oooh, the Tokyo Tower looks pretty cool!!! I bet the scenery was awesome from all the way up there!!! Loving all the buys!!! And wow the peach sake like jello. Once you shake it does it turn into liquid like regular sake??? Dang Japanese snacks looks so yummy!!! Peach wine, ooooohhhh. The bunnies are called a Pote Usa Loppy!!! Its so adorable and the bunny backpack is cute too!!! Ooooh, you<3 are beautiful<3 as always <3 and the sakuras are pretty!!! Gots to go catch up with your videos!!! Can’t wait till the next exciting post!!!! |( ̄3 ̄)| ( ˘ ³˘)❤ <3 <3 <3 you lots!!!

    6. Hey Mango!! I’ve missed you so much!! I’m so glad to see a post from you and looks like you’ve been soo busy =D Wow, Japan.. I’m soooo JEALOUS!! Japan is definitely one of the best places to shop and eat.. everything just looks sooo adorable =D Loving all your outfits, you’re always such a princess <3 Ang OMG.. a big congrats to you for your wedding!! I saw your instagram photo (although I don’t have instagram myself, i know i live under a rock! haha, i love checking out your instagram once in awhile ^_^).. you and your hubby looked so divine.. what a magical day and I’m sooo happy for you!! =D I wish you both a lifetime of happiness together!

      Take care always, love Christine ~ xx

    7. Hello!
      It’s so nice to read about all your experiences in Japan, I love looking at your pictures as well :)
      I’d love to visit Japan one day :)
      I’m also really glad that you’ve started posting articles again, I missed you! <3

      Xoxo Julia ^^

    8. Hey Mango!! :) Omg I think I disappeared for just as long as you haha and now ‘magically’ both of us are back. This post was so much fun to read and I agree—> Jill Stuart Make-up is so so so lovely :)) What di
      I was so tempted to get some in London China Town but it was so pricey because of the shipping etc. Travelling to Japan one day is one of my biggest dreams ♥ It’s an amazing country and I am sure you had a great time. You look so lovely infront of that Sakura tree ♥

      Hugs and kisses from Germany :)) Hope to hear from you soon!:))

    9. Hello Kerina. I love this post a lot coz to me, it’s voyeuring and touring around with you in Tokyo which I could never ever go anymore. I’m sure you heard about the latest news of the radiation. It’s too dangerous to be in Tokyo and especially us married ladies if we intend to have a kid. The radiation in 1 day equates to many years of radiation.

      Anyway bad stuff aside, I really love all the cute stuff, sweet stuff, delicious stuff and unique stuff in Japan. I would so love to try the peach wine jello so much. I can imagine the fruity sweetness that masks the potency of the alcohol. And so cute to finally see your hubz on your blog. I’m glad you featured him here.

      Looking lovely as always.

      Jo’s Jumbled Jardinière

    10. Wow I’m so jealous! Those skin drinks seem kinda sketchy taste wise but I can’t wait for your review on them, if they do what they advertise maybe the taste will be worth it? :)

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