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How to style: Summer Florals

    Hi my darling fuzzy fairies!
    It’s been such a long time but I finally had the time to sit down and edit my summer florals video that I filmed almost 2 months ago! WATCH IT HERE IF YOU HAVEN’T ALREADY! <3 
    You may or may not have noticed that most of my stuff are from forever 21….. #can’thelpit #needtoshop but it just works out because they have an abundance of floral styles! 
    First Outfit: White Top + Lacey Peach throwover + Pink Floral Skater Skirt
    Second outfit: Floral Dress ($10!!!) with belt and MK Purse
    Argh, I realized I only had one pic of my third outfit 
    Daisy Crop Top + Mesh Skirt
    Which one is your favorite!!! Much Much more details can be found in the video! Links are also in the video if you wanted to buy some of the items I’m wearing! <3 
    Until next time, LOVE YOU ALL!
    xoxo, Mango 

    39 thoughts on “How to style: Summer Florals”

    1. i’ve always wanted floral skirt but i don’t have a lot of tops to pair it with :( YOUR HAIR THOUGH YOUR HAIR AT THE FIRST 4 PICS OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Floral is kinda hard for me to style bc it’s kinda too pattern-ish and girly. I love how you use the florals :D all look good!

      1. Omg thank you I worked so hard on that hair ahahah. It was crimped!

        And as for your floral phobia, if we can call it that, please do give it a chance when you are feeling something DARING haha. I agree that it’s super girly ^_^

    2. I love all the outfits and how you pair them with the right shoes and accessories!!! You are a fashionista sista!!! You know what I’m sayin?? ^^ Darn it, I’m not even in a close range of a Forever21 store. =_= OMG, the 2nd floral dress is only $10!!!! I need to go online right now!! You are such an awesome blogger and youtuber!!!! I apologies for commenting sooooo late!!! Still <3 and Support u!! :3 *huggies*

    3. How did i miss this! Super gorgeoussss as always! I am absolutely loving the 10 dollar floral dress. Love the pop of colour with the bag!!
      Miss you – see you SOON hopefully!!

    4. Love the 1st and 2nd outfits, and as always you look gorgeous! :)
      It’s great that you can find these cute pieces at forever 21. I always have trouble looking for things, simply because I can never find my size. ;-;

    5. wow you look so lovely in all of these styles!
      I like them all, and those pictures look beautiful ;)
      I’ve just returned from my roadtrip to berlin yesterday and I hope you had the most wonderful vacation as well! I’m looking forward to read all your upcoming articles!

      xx julia

    6. I hope to make my own fashion videos one day, when I’m good enough. This is a lovely post and you’re such a pretty girl! Will subscribe on youtube xx. Meanwhile, do check out my instagram at @carerynn will ya? See ya babe! <3

    7. oh my you’re so pretty! *-* I love the dresses, they’re really affordable and look awesome on you~! I think you make them even more beautiful haha. I love the photos they’re really nice taken and you look beautiful on them ^-^* Keep up the posts and thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment, I appreciate it~ ♥ Have a nice day :3

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