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Singapore Trip Part 1!!!

    OKAY I am so sorry guys this post is a LOOOOOONG overdue post – my trip to Singapore! I’ve shared a couple of pics from my vacay on Instagram, but the bulk of the pics will be in THIS POST (which very pic heavy) …. stop talking start showing pics!!!!

    When I was in the hotel room getting ready… sorry for the UNEDITED pics, lol too many pics too little time!!! <3 

    On top of ALTITUDE…. best roof-top bar EVER!!! 

    Anyone a big fan of the butter factory (a club)? For those who are familiar with it, they have a very famous in-house drink exclusively for butter factory clubbers called the butter ice tea. Sounds like long island ice tea right? LIIT usually makes me soooo gone in like, 5 minutes. Butter ice tea was …. you can google yourself as to what they put in it (i honestly can’t remember) but they served it out of a CAMPBELLS soup can!!!! Like WTF@#$%@$@&#$@#$ 
    * tastes terrible though, drink at your own discretion. Oh and it was also $20. just saying. 

    The Famous Marina Bay Sands INFINITY POOL!!! I totally got blown whistled at after this shot, because I am such a badass and I could fall down anytime and break my whole body!! WAhahahahah!! I joke I joke (not the badass part)

    one of my FAvorite food in Singapore – OTAH!!!!!! This was the first night after we landed, and I said, “I really want OTAH” and ran off to find a stall that sells it, the lady thought i wanted 4. I actually wanted 10. 10 OTAHS OMG!!!!

    I forgot where this was… but it basically captured about 10% of all the good food in singapore!!!! I can’t type this post no more I gotta go eat something T.T

    At the Marina Bay Sands hotel again! The rooms are GINORMOUS! We did get an upgrade because the fiance flirted with the ticketing lady *notimpressed*

    Last meal in Singapore… I was SO SAD!!!!! The lady behind me looked like she hadn’t eaten in days though O.o hahaha…. my chicken rice was too touristy but still reallie yummy!

    Know why I took a pic of this random drink? IT IS MY FAVORITE DRINK OMG it was also featured in my Youtube Lookbook Video (which you MUST SEE because it is THAT awesome)

    Ending my Singapore trip Part 1 with this genius shot I took in the hotel room – I think it’s so genius! The hotel room is reallie cooool, there’s a bed and a huge see through glass that you can just totally creep into the bathroom and watch people take showers/ pee / poo if you wanted to! I thought that was so funny hahahha!!
    Stay tuned for part 2!!!!!!
    xoxo, Mango 

    Kerina Wang

    22 thoughts on “Singapore Trip Part 1!!!”

    1. that thing thats wrapped with leave is called otak otak in my country (and otak means brain) i notice there are lots of indonesian food in sg!! idk how if it tastes the same or not tho bc why would i eat sth that i can eat in my own country when i have come all the way there lol. im going to sg next month too! (o btw that carrot juice still doesnt look good to me even tho you say it’s good bc ew carrot)


      1. ok.. OKAY, girl, I get you! Trust me, I hate carrots too. I mean I reallllyyy hate carrots. I find tiny shreds in my soup and I will pick them out one by one.

        but but but… Carrot Juice is awesome! I just can’t explain why… Have you tried it? Try it once and let me know hahahehee

    2. Ah, familiar warm fuzzy feeling reading this post. I always enjoy seeing my hometown being featured on blogs that do not belong to Singaporeans. So happy to know you love Singapore (as conversed on Instagram). As usual, you look so lovely and va va voom. Weeweet! I’m sure everywhere you go, heads would turn. =D

      Oh, my friends and I do not like Butter Factory coz of the young crowd. The club mostly frequented by tertiary student and National Service boys. We are much too old for that crowd and we do not like the music too. Hehehe… I didn’t know about their signature drink served in the Campbell can. It’s always cool to learn about my own country from tourists. Hehehe…

      Jo’s Jumbled Jardinière

    3. I like the last photo!! Because when I go to a hotel, the room I’m looking forward the most to is the bathroom HAHAHA. That bathroom is as badass as you are. The hugeass see-through glass is really weird though!

      I was like, ‘???!?!’ at the Campbell soup can but then you said that it tasted terrible!

      Ohhh I didn’t know it’s called ‘otah’ in Singapore, we also have it here in Indonesia but they are called ‘otak-otak’. But we only have Pokka’s green tea here–now I kind of want to taste it, I have never tried carrot juice in my life!

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