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Do not read this post

    Since you decided to read it, I’ll go ahead and say that this is a ranting post, and has nothing to do with beauty or fashion.


    I dislike people who are self-entitled to everything, and who says one thing and does another. But even more so, I dislike people who does the exact thing that they told others they hate seeing others do. GAAAHH! My life isn’t a template for others to decide what is appropriate, and how much is appropriate.

    You know how in How I met your mother, Barney’s always like “new is always better”? Well. except when it’s not. People with that mentality should go hug a basket of poo in my cute opinion.


    Actually one more thing. I dislike it when after all the efforts I put into a review and how disappointing the effects were, people would comment and be like “totally agree with you – awesome mascara! Follow me and I’ll follow back” If you’re not even gonna read the title of my post then don’t bother commenting. OR people who are just commenting generically “follow for follow?” on EVERY SINGLE post, you clearly don’t give a poopy-pie about my blog/contents…. so no you shall not be offended if i don’t follow you.


    It’s my blog and I can write whatever I want in it, but I do feel bad spreading that hate, so I’m gonna insert a selfie of a reindeer…. working out MUAHAHAHAHA

    Kerina Wang

    23 thoughts on “Do not read this post”

    1. Ha Ha Ha these crack me up but it thats the way you feel you should express it. Advice doll as a blogger expect the ugly and the pretty you will have someone that do not mind you shining your real personality like me or you will get a person that just like to give negative comments for the crap of it —-you continue being yourself that’s what makes you special and stand out from others.

      1. This is my first time visiting your blog, but after reading this post I notice how you actually care about the blogging community and the quality of your post. I respect that, therefore I took the time to comment and fully read your post.
        I agree with you, it’s frustrating when you write a post only receive “nice post comments”, but I guess that’s just how some bloggers network. At first I was annoyed by it, but now I ignore it and depend on my true followers to receive quality feedback.

        Just remember if you don’t like a comment, you have the power to delete it.
        -B ♡ MsBerryStylish 

    2. Oh yeah, it does piss me off too. You know like people, which posts are absolutely about nothing but usually have like 2000+ followers? Yeah, those are “omg nice, follow for follow” Sometimes I can’t even understand why they even bother, when like 5days later they unfollow you.

      1. OMG Yeah….. Thanks Mina!!!! I actually didn’t know that you can even unfollow someone.. I mean what’s the point in that? So you have tons of followers but you don’t wanna be seen as someone who follows everyone else? Anyway. reading comments like yours really make my day! :)

    3. I can totally recognize myself in this article. :)
      Especially the part about people who don’t really care about my articles and only place; ‘follow for follow’ under my reviews.

      They do not understand how much work it costs to write those reviews for my blog!
      I have so much respect for your blog and I love to read your posts.
      Thanks for sharing this with us :)

      Xx julia

    4. those people are what you call hypocrites :(
      I total understand…if someone ask me to follow and they’ll follow back..I don’t have a problem but most of them don’t even read the post nor do they come back….just trying to increase their follower # *annoyed*


    5. I totally agree with you!! It’s getting really annoying, it’s most annoying when some people comment about something that’s not even related to the post, for example when i writ a shopping haul or fashion tips, then some people will say “thanks for the review”, seriously!? Feels like they’re brain dead, just commenting on every blog without even looking at the post title!! =/ I hate it most when they say “I followed you. follow me back”, just that and nothing else! It’s very rude! :( I can definitely relate to what you’re talking about and I love that you’re expressing those feelings! <3

      Take care always, love Christine ~ xo
      Chriissydollxo Blog | BlogLovin’

    6. I hate when I write post about some cosmetics and I write there how bad the product is and someone just write ” yeah it look lovely! totally wanna try!” and they dont even know what i was talking about..

      people are weird

    7. I second with all the motions, because i can really relate with how you’re feelin’ about it. I know it sucks but when they do it to me, also do it to them.. it’s a win-win! But what i really don’t like is when they comment “Great Post” and ive written about my downfall moment without having to win at the end, so its like where’s the justice?! But i can’t stress it. I always just try to give to people what is due to them.

    8. Mamma mia! I never knew reindeer could be so beautiful darling ^^ Sorry i’ve been MIA with writing on your blog and all darling; Noël is the most busiest time of the year haha. Charming as always darling!

    9. Well I had been face the same problem as you tbh, at the first time, I don’t really mind about it and reply back with ” thank you ^^ ” ” Thanks for reading ^^ ” and something like that, but in the end, I feel a little bit bothered with all of those comment. Usually I will delete those kind of comment since it kinda irritating when someone just came to leave their link in the comment box without reading the post or even giving any respond to the post. I don’t mind if they leave comment that related to my post / responding to it and leaving their link in the end ( so I can visit their blog back hihi )

    10. Awww Mango Bunnie :[ I am so glad you care about blogging so much!! You’re inspiring me to do better and to be a more consistent blogger ^___^ So glad to have your support :) And I also just got bloglovin and followed you through it!

    11. Talking about F4F peeps, there are some that not only follows back but continues to comment back if you do the same. As for some, they ask you to follow, and then you did as they asked but then they won’t follow back and continues on with their posts like nothing happened.TT-TT I’m like “Okkkayyy?”. -__- Thinking of unfollowing them but that would just be mean. So…I try not to ask follow for a follow because I know I won’t be getting true readers or helpful comments. Thanks for this post <3 <3 <3, I finally got say it all out. I feel better now. ^_^

      <3 from Chuonie

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