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3 Tips: Indoor Shopping in Winter!

    Hello Yummy Dumplings! 
    First off I just wanted to say that I am surprised and relieved that not only did so many of you still read my ranting angry post, you guys took the effort to write such lengthy comments on suggestions!!! For that, I LOVE YOU ALL!! YOU WILL RECEIVE MY FOREVER UNDYING SUPPORT!!!
    It’s officially 4 days till Christmas!!! I am so excited like a christmas tree – this is my OOTD, what I wore to Christmas Shopping (OMG I got so much stuff I can’t wait to haul and review it hehehehehe)
    Does any of you have crowd-phobia like I do? I would much prefer to get all my shopping done online (which I do almost every day), but then again that would ruin my opportunities to dress up and take pretty pics for you guys! 

    It’s freezing in Toronto, so I risked my life  the cold when running from the parking lot to the mall in this outfit… well worth it though as the mall is JAM PACKED and the heat is cranked up to 100degrees *roll eyes*

    3 Tips for shopping indoors during winter:
    Grey Waterall Cardigan: Aritzia
    White Loose Tank Top: Wet Seal
    Black Leggings: TNA
    Black booties: SPRING
    Leopard Print Scarf: Aldo
    Purse: Louis Vuitton Neverfull

    Tip #1: Wear a basic tank or camisole
    Do you want to bite the head off of everyone that’s in line for the change room? Chances are for most winter items you would be able to try them on outside the change room, just make sure you have a basic tank top under! Much more time and energy efficient!

    Tip #2:  Wear a zippered or open cardigan:
    This means no turtleneck sweaters!!! You don’t want to have to rip your hoodie apart if you’re taking it off to try on clothes. Wearing something that’s easily removed is important to make sure you get out of your clothes fast and hassle-free! *Makeup artists and hair stylists also suggest this as it will prevent your clothes from ruining your makeup or hair – or vice versa! *

    Tip #3: Wear comfortable footwear:
    DO NOT LEARN FROM ME OMG I AM A HORRIBLE (and vain) EXAMPLE because I totally wore my 5 inch heels that day…and believe me I paid for it T.T It’s only because I wanted to look good for pics and I am so vain sigh… beauty is pain I am tanking it for you guys cuz I love you so much!

    What are some of your tips when shopping indoors in winter all hassle-free? Do Share!!! Maybe I’ll get up from my computer more to go outside and see the real world once in a while HAHAHAHa <3

    26 thoughts on “3 Tips: Indoor Shopping in Winter!”

    1. Your outfit looks so cute and comfortable!! :) I can’t imagine running in those heels, and your feet must be very sore after a day of shopping in those. :/ And the tips are so helpful! Sometimes I don’t like trying on clothes because the fitting room are always packed.

    2. Hi Mango! You are utterly adorable and have enjoyed your winter shopping tips!:) Your outfit is flawless, cosy and yet stylish!:) I read you are in Toronto, what a wonderful city, one of my fav!:) Btw, have followed you too on GFC, keep in touch! Happy Sunday! xo

    3. I died laughing while reading your first tip – I can surely relate! You have such nice figure ajsdkljsk
      Unfortunately, I don’t really have any useful tips, I’m really kind of worst shoppers which are too lazy to go shopping unless it’s like week before Christmas and then get angry when it’s everything sold out *sigh*
      Anyway, Merry Christmas beauty! :)

    4. Hello lovely!! You look gorgeous. Thank you so much for the kind words on my blog and for following too :) I appreciate it. I work from home, so that helps in having children as well, though my youngest has all the energy in the world, so some days I wish there was two of me :-) This was a wonderful post. You are super beautiful. I just followed on GFC. I hope you have a great Sunday doll xoxo <3

    5. Hello!! :)

      This outfit looks absolutely perfect for shopping in winter!
      And thank u so much for your great tips and advises!
      The next time I go shopping a I’ll definitelly wear a tank top :)
      And I agree, confortable shoes are also a must to wear, if you’re going to walk to your favorite department stores!

      Have a wonderful Christmas my dear and thanks for sharing this with us!

      Xxxx julia

    6. Wonderful tips, Mango! I’ve never thought of being so strategic when it comes to dressing up for indoor shopping! lol
      I have serious crowd-phobia too (considering the fact that I live in such a dense city as Hong Kong, hopping around to shop can be quite an exhausting experience…oh but then I love shopping!) – but I still prefer going to shops to have a look and possibly touch and feel the products before I get my hands on them, just to make sure I’ll like what I get :P

      What a cute outfit you have! Stay warm :)

      Lilian x

    7. Lovely outfit and indoor shopping in winter is just a must :D
      Also thanks so much for your comment on my blog (sometimes I forget to turn my mobile phone on silent as well xD)
      Oh and of course huge thanks for following my blog, I hope you´ll enjoy my future posts :)

    8. Hello Mango,
      What a sweet name :) thank you for visiting and your lovely words, I see your blog and I like it so I follow gladly back.
      I love shopping more online, more cozy :D I like your layering look and great tips.
      Have a great sunday!

    9. You are looking so stylish. I hope you had fun shopping. I am so glad to have met through our Blogs another Toronto Blogger. Thank you for your comment and for following. I am following now on GFC. Keep in touch. Have a Merry Christmas.

    10. You are BEAUTIFUL, love! Oh my god, I hate crowds and the mall during the holidays. I’m swearing that next year I’ll do all my shopping online. I did the same as you though for my mall trips this year – long cardigan and layers underneath. There’s nothing worse than carting around a heavy coat in 90+ degree temperatures inside the mall!

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