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Where is Kerina?

    It’s been such a long time since I’ve updated my blog – sorry for those of you who read it on a consistent basis! To compensate for my lack of posts I’ve decided to write a personal blog entry that’s pretty much my everyday life (if anyone’s interested hahaha).



    Oh hai! I was drinking bubbletea at a University of Waterloo Campus cafe and ordered some macarons, so you kmow what that means. GOTTA whip out the camera whenever there are macarons present! Speaking of macarons, if you want your instagram pic to reach new heights, just include a pic of macaron in it – statistics show that it ALWAYS DOES BETTER than your non-macaron pic. #justsaying


    Not sure if you remember but I mentioned in the previous blog post that I have a special announcement coming up… and that is… *drumroll* IM GOING TO EUROPE!!!!!!


    Not indefinitely, just for a brief summer vacation. STILL!!! It’s always been my dream to go to Europe with my hubby for a REAL HONEYMOON and whenever I think of it I see dreamy sunsets and walks by the beach and photoshoots at romantic spots… altho in reality though I think it’ll be much more tiring than relaxing. >.<



    I’ll be hitting PARIS, VENICE, FLORENCE, ROME, and SANTORINI. like O.O OMGGGGG *insert high-pitched girly squeals* still can’t get over the fact that I’M FINALLY GOING.  Hope to take lots and lots of pictures and have lots and lots of good food and get freakin smashed wine!!!


    It’s kinda a kill on my wallet though. My bank account is now an onion everything I open it I cry T.T BUT IT WILL BE ALL WORTH IT especially the wine! I also can’t wait for other exciting endeavors to come my way like buying a HOUSE, having my own PIANO STUDIO, having a WALK-IN CLOSET, a SHOE RACK (seriously I have way too many shoes I can’t even) and a PHOTOSHOOT STUDIO.

    I also want to re-start my YouTube videos again because I loved making them but they take forever to film and edit! T.T One day… I keep telling myself one day…

    As for right now, I’m updating my Instagram regularly (more like feverishly 2x a day LOL) so follow follow me if you want to see what I’m up to on a daily basis! I also recently downloaded Snapchat (ID: mangorabbit) and I’m trying to use that more frequently after I found out people like to see my real everyday routine (although I have no idea why). ADD ME ON SNAPCHAT but don’t send me pics of your personal/private parts, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE A DUDE BECAUSE YOU WILL BE BLOCKED.

    Photo 2015-04-12, 2 12 22 PM




    Ending my post with a BIG SELFIE OF MA FACE because people are always complaining I don’t show it on Instagram and needs to get over it  <3Photo 2015-04-04, 1 49 41 PM

    Photo 2015-04-04, 5 36 46 PM

    As a closing, feel free to ask me whatever you want here or on my Instagram and I’ll try my best to answer it! <3 <3 <3


    Kerina Wang

    5 thoughts on “Where is Kerina?”

    1. HIII pretty lady :D – Yayy you finally updated again! Europe sounds so exciting!!! I never been there either and have always wanted to go too! How long will you be going for? – And a shoe rack and photo studio that sounds like something we need!! heheh xoxo

    2. gosh i’ve missed you!!!!!!!!!

      and i am SO , so , sooooo happy for you for this trip. It’s going to be absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to hear all about it – and SEE through your pics!! XO

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