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Valentine’s Day Accessories Pick!

    Dear all my Valentines, 
    In addition to my Valentine’s day Outfit Posts, I’ve decided to compile a look for Valentine’s day using girly romantic accessories! I’m usually not very into accessories, because I’m lazy and feel like I’ll always forget to wear them.. or worse, take them off and forget about them! But when it comes to soft, pretty, girly romantic accessories I turn into pudding. I just can’t help it! Here are my favorite picks for this romantic date, hope it gives you guys some ideas on how to accessorize yourself on Vday! 
    My dress is from a independent boutique that I found when travelling in New York City, it’s a sweetheart neckline poofy skirt dress, I think it’s perfect for this romantic season because TRUST ME you will feel like a princess in this dress. You can find a really similar dress HERE (it’s on SALE too!!)
     1) Imitation Pearl Hair Band 
    This will instantly ooomp up your girliness factor no matter what you wear. One of my biggest headaches (like, literally) is wearing hair bands with a tight metal base that pinches the back of your ears soooo hard and you literally get a giant headache every time! This pearl hairband is made of plastic, and is super stretchable and elastic. I can wear it for the entire day without feeling it! Plus the price tag is awesome – you can’t really go wrong for $2. You can get it HERE
     2) Sweet 4-piece ribbon pearl bracelet set
    I fell in love with this bracelet set as soon as I saw it on the website HERE. However, when I got it it’s a little big on my arms (maybe because I have tiny wrists?!) But it does tend to slide all the way up..or down my arm. >_< But it’s soooo pretty and really does make you feel like a girly girl when you’re wearing it! 
    3) Cute Treble Clef and Music Note Earrings
    You guys know I LOVE LOVE LOVE to play the piano, and when I saw these earrings I was instantly sold. One set comes with two different earrings (a treble clef and an eighth note) so you can have different earrings on both ears! I think that’s a super cute look, AND shows your personality as well!  
    YAY! The completed look with all three accessories – don’t I look like a princess? *insert laughter* OK I rarely dress up like this so just bear with me! It’s for one day only! Hahahaha 
    All of the jewelries and accessories are from BORN PRETTY Store, an online store that covers a wide range of jewelries, accessories, makeup and girly fashion products! They ship worldwide, and is super fast with emails if you have any questions about their products!
    Also did you know that I got the above 3 items all for UNDER $20?!?!?! *Mind blown* 
    You can visit Born Pretty Store here, they’re always have some sales or promotions! 
    For further 10% discount

    Do you have a Valentine’s Day Special for accessorizing it up?? If you do please tag me on instagram @mangorabbitrabbit so I can see your ideas!!!
    I can’t wait to see what everyone is planning / will look like on this special special day!


    Kerina Wang

    29 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Accessories Pick!”

    1. Uwah…you have such cute accessories! You’re so lucky…I wish I had half as much cute things as you >.<

      Thanks for this post! Can’t wait till Valentine’s Day! <3

      Love, Aimee

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