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SHEIN TRY ON HAUL | summer & spring dresses, casual trendy outfits + discount code! ✨

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      sit down outfit    
    grey crop top (M $7)
    white maxi skirt (Tall XS $25)
      0:48 dress 1    
    white ruched lace dress (XS $20.49)
      3:28 dress 2    
    blue lace dress (XS $20.49)
    4:37 dress 3   ( $)
    pink dress with flower (XS $20)
      5:33 dress 4    
    chicken breast sticky bra ( $7)
    sticky bra ( $4.49)
    white ruffle dress (XS $23.49)
      6:28 dress 5    
    white pink dress (XS $15)
      7:45 dress 6    
    yellow dress (XS $18.99)
      9:01 dress 7    
    purple dress (XS $17.49)
      10:14 dress 8    
    baby blue gown dress (XS $28)
      11:30 dress 9    
    green long gown dress (XS $24)
    clothes sticker ( $1)
      13:18 dress 10    
    pink long dress (XS $31)
    black shorts with pockets (xs $18)
    nude shorts ( $5.99)
      heels I love with dresses:   ( $)
    white heels (xs $54)
    rhinestone heels (7 $60)
    metallic pumps (CN39 $25.4)
    mesh polkadot heels (EUR39 $30)


    Hey guys, it’s Kerina and I’m back with a summer dress haul. I show off 10 machine dresses that are super affordable, and share my discount code for even more savings. I also offer my body measurements in the description box.

    I try on a cream satin dress with lace trim, and recommend wearing pasties or chicken fillets for coverage. I also show off running shorts from Glow Mode that are great for preventing chafing.

    Next, I try on a blue satin dress with a corset detail that I love. It comes in five different colors and has customizable fit. I also show off a pink ruffle dress from Shein‘s Mod collection, but note that it doesn’t look as good as it does in the pictures.

    Overall, these dresses are great for weddings or bumping into your ex, and are budget-friendly.

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