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Lightroom Presets Tutorial with Free Essential Presets

Hi Mango Squad!

Are you the type to skim through boring lectures because you just “pick things up” as you do it?  Then this is the right lesson for you!

With this simple tutorial, you can expect to get the gist of how presets work and how to use my very own Starter Preset to make your photos look more professional.

  1. Make sure you know the basics of installing a preset on your laptop by reading our instructions!
  2. Download and import to Lightroom our free Curacao Starter Pack
  3. Here’s what files you will get:
  • 0 Curacao.xmp
  • 1 Color.xmp
  • 2 S-Curve.xmp
  • 3 Fade.xmp
  • 4 Original.xmp

4. Import our original photo so that you have something to visualize the filters with:

4 Original Curacao Sml

5. Look at the before and afters of each preset, and read about how each works:

Original” simply sets all your settings back to 0, super useful for every beginner to have.

4 Original

Color” adjusts the hues and saturation of certain colors.  Greens are deeper and darker.  Blues are a bit more teal.  Orange/yellows are a bit less saturated.


S-Curve” is a common component of many presets and I’ve made it on its own, just so you can play with it!  The tone curve is shaped like a slight S so dark shades are dark and whites are white, it gives it a dramatic feel.

Fade” is something that I’ve been using a long time.  I use a slight fade on all most of my pictures to give it a dreamy vibe.

CuracaoCOMBINES the effects of all of the above presets, tada! :D

If you’re a PRO, just delete everything except the Curacao preset.  Remember that you will need to adjust exposure and shadows based on the situation in your photo.  I hope you like this freebie!

Please be sure to leave a comment on my IG or email me and I will get back to you ASAP!