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    Welcome back my lovelies!^^ Holidays are approaching quickly and it’s the best time to start making some changes around the place. I absolutely adore decorating the house. So I thought, why not give you guys some tips on how to recreate the look on my photos? Home decor is a great creative activity, and Christmas is the perfect time to splurge on some new items.

    home decor christmas holidays cute

    home decor cute christmas holidays

    home decor cute couple holiday christmas

    To be more specific, I am talking about those photos. I’m so in love with their vibes!!! And I’ve got some great news for you, below you will have a list of pictures and links to the items that appear in the shots. Some of them are the exact same item, others are similar ones. Although I tried my best to find all of the originals, some items were just out of stock or I couldn’t remember where I got them from. But I promise the list wont disappoint you, so here we go! =D

    home decor terrarium

    As you may have seen, there is an empty terrarium in the first photo. They look so chic and elegant! You can choose to keep them simple or decorate them with plans or even fairy lights, for a more festive feel. Get yours here.

    home decor pineapple

    This ceramic pineapple is a gorgeous addition. It’s a detail that you just can’t overlook! And although it might not be the most appropriate for winter, the combination of white and gold makes it blend perfectly with the decorations. You can find it here.

    home decor wool blanket

    This wool blanket is all the rage! You see it absolutely everywhere on social media. And for good reason, they are the coziest and warmest things ever <3 the perfect item to snuggle up in. If you’ve been wondering how to get your hands on one,  Here it is!

    home decor gold tray holidays

    Honestly, I think a beautiful tray is vital to have on your coffee table. It adds a classy vibe and it also helps with keeping your stuff more organized! You can put anything from candles to make-up, cups, or even plants in it. My tray is a round one, but I managed to find a very similar, square one.

    home decor block candles christmas holidays vibes

    Those are very basic, yet extremely effective! During holiday season, everyone needs some quality, nice smelling candles around the house. They help create that warm and welcoming feeling! I totally recommend you go and get some block candles right now. You can find them in almost any store, but I found a good deal here.

    I really hope I could help you guys out with those suggestions, and in case you would like to see more, well, no problem! I am also working on creating my Pinterest board with many, many more of those items. Kisses!

    And if you have any suggestions, please comment below :)



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