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Dominican Honeymoon – Concealer and Eyeliner is All You Need

    Hi sealeaves!

    This post has been pretty overdue, since I went to Punta Cana Princess in September! I took lotsssss of pics and pretty much spammed my Facebook and Instagram but still have lots of pics left over ! I feel bad for continuously spamming on there so I decided to make a blog post for this. Ready? It’s super pic heavy. You’ve been warned.

    YAY! I’m opening with one of my favorite shots …
    This is our sweet suite!! Hahaha it’s the Honeymoon Suite in the resort we stayed at and it has this super cool looking lofty area ( the upstairs level is entirely taken up my one jacuzzi! The resort’s Honeymoon Package also included some free massages, dinners, rum, and a fruit basket.  Max cool. And You see my husbands peeking around the night looking for predators WAHAHAHA. 

    This is what I mean with the top floor of the suite being entirely occupied by a jacuzzi. IT. IS. MASSIVE. I can sit in it myself in a corner and feel completely un-cozy and lonely. We didn’t even use it !!!!!! 

    OK This shot is a reflection of all the artsy shots there are that I keep seeing on IG, girls with their legs on top of the bed and acting like oh, that’s how they chill out and they look like that every morning. ITS EFFING HARD WORK!!!!! it takes SOOOO much energy to keep my legs straight in the air it’s not even funny. and you gotta have the luscious hair and pose to pull this off, it’s definitely a team job other than a one man job. 

    Oh Oh Oh! I have to tell you guys something. I packed EVERYTHING into my suitcase right, the night before, (i hate hate packing btw) and when i arrived at my resort i realized i forgot my entire makeup bag. I instantly just collapsed on the bed and cried like my life is over and i don’t know what i can do with my vacation. (i know super first world problem but don’t judge i like being made up i’m vain ok) so then next morning, we BRAVED THE HEAT and went looking for makeup. they don’t exist in our resort, and we have to take a shuttle and BRAVE THE HEAT AGAIN to another neighbouring resort which sold limited makeup! I swear i was NEVER this happie to see pencils hanging on walls. The prices were ridiculous though so I figured I should probably be minimalistic and just get what’s necessary. Hence. I got 2 things and 2 things only. 1 eyebrow pencil that doubles up as eyeshadow (smudge with fingers) and eyeliner, and 1 clickpen concealer that doubles up as foundation / highlighter. OMG. that made me realize that
    “On vacation, all you need are concealer and eyeliner. “

    So I went on about my days in punta cana just drawing my eyes and face everyday and it showed up so well in pics. Here’s a pic of me wearing Triangl Bikini, which has the most luxurious swimsuit material I’ve ever touched. It reallie does feel like you’re wearing really, really expensive swimwear! They could’ve made the padding thicker in the bikini top for smaller chested ppl. #ittybittytittycommittee

    Le photographer hubby is super impressed with this shot he took so he insisted that it should appear on this blog post. WAhahahahah He totally captured a storm moving in from the right to the left where you can still see the blue sky! And me being vain I just have to appear in every shot. you know, #camwhore

    lounging around in the princess beds near the beach!!! Oh I dont know about you guys, but I AM TERRIFIED of the sun. Like, I avoid it to a certain degree that people might look at me puzzled. If I’m taking a bikini shot or going out in the sun for long (like >1 hr) , I make sure I shower myself in sunscreen before, and like 20 times during the shoot. And I wear a cardigan all the time. in blazing 39 degree humid weather. 

    Another artsy shot that hubby insisted I include LOL. This was taken right before the rain started coming down and we will then run back to our room and watch chick flicks all night WAHAHAHAH. 

    I was trying to be feminine and ladylike with my $2 hat!!!! Do you guys think so?!?!

    Me trying to mirror Lena Fujii’s shots!!!!!!!

    Except for Triangl Bikini, all my other bikinis were non-matching. >_<I plucked a flower from a garden and tadah! It totally matches my bikini bottom LOL! #patselfonback

    This was the beach on a good day… quite overrated by the various vacation websites online I think?!?!?!? The cuba ones I’ve been to were wayyyyyy better, whiter sand, and no seaweeds! 

    I’m gonna finish off with a self-timer shot of me and the hubby!!!!!!!!! Hope you’re having a wonderful day and if not, I hope these pics cheer you up!!!!! I have to go now to finish off a bunch of backlog of work le sigh….
    xoxo, Mango 

    16 thoughts on “Dominican Honeymoon – Concealer and Eyeliner is All You Need”

    1. Omgg first of all CONGRATULATIONS Kerina on your marriage ^_^~~
      And secondly this place loooks so AMAZING! Tbh i don’t mind you spamming my instagram with your honeymoon pictures because you’re seriously so pretty and photogenic!!! I’m so jealous of that pretty resort with the huuuge jacuzzi and pretty beaches! I’ve always wanted to visit Tahiti for their resorts but your post has persuaded me that Punta Cana is ten times better hehe ^w^ Glad you had so much fun!!

    2. Omg, The places are beautiful XD, The room is the best and cozy, I love the Jacuzzi too. Its perfect place for honeymoon. And you look amazing and pretty.
      Anw congratulation for ur marriage :D

    3. I can’t believe I’m only seeing this now!!!!

      The place you guys stayed at looks absolutely huuuuge and gorgeous – wow!

      Love , love, love your pics ! I don’t own any matching bikinis…haha!

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