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Decorate For Christmas At Homesense

    Hi Mango Squad!

    I am not going to lie but my Christmas tree has been up since early November… and I’m not even embarrassed! I love the Christmas season and I like to start enjoying it as soon as November 1st comes around and Halloween is officially over.

    I like to start my Christmas decor shopping early because when December comes around, half of the good stuff is already gone. I visited Homesense to buy some office decor and all of the Christmas stuff was already for sale! So I ended up buying quite a lot… and I want to share my findings with you all!

    I hope that this blog post inspires you on how you want to decorate this year.  Let’s begin:

    Kerina mango homesense

    This is what my setup currently looks like. Most of the decor is from Homesense, except the frosted Christmas tree.

    Kerina mango homesense

    kerina mango homesense

    I love this Joy sign that I found at HomeSense! Homesense is great for inexpensive and trendy decor.

    Kerina mango homesense

    How cute are these reindeers? As you can see I love white and gold Christmas decor!

    I also picked up this gorgeous white and gold wreath that looks a lot more expensive than it cost! Wreaths are great to spruce up any plain wall.

    This pillow is adorable and I grabbed it right when I say it! As much as I love simple white and gold, I always like to add in classic Christmas red!

    These are the stockings that I chose this year! Two simple white ones for me and Peter and a little red one for Lucas.

    Kerina mango homesense

    kerina mango homesense

    Also check out these flannel blankets and the chunky knit throw… so festive and cozy! 

    So those are all the pieces that I bought from HomeSense (so far). I hope that this post inspired you to start Christmas decor shopping, it’s so fun! I will definitely be buying a couple more things…

    Comment down below where you like to Christmas decor shop!

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