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bad idea: 3 iced coffees a day

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    Kerina Wang Outfits

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    tube top (s $38)
    ysl bag ( $)
    nb 530 runners ( $)
    black pleated skort (00 $50)
    blue shirt (M $55)
    Kerina Wang
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    MOTF 15kww

    OGL 15% off any order at $70 KERINAWANG20

    Lewkin Made in Korea 20KERINA

    Boomba 10% off KERINA02060

    height: 5โ€™7โ€ (170cm) | bust:33โ€ (83cm)ย  | waist:24โ€ (60cm)ย  | hip:35โ€ (87cm)ย 

    mid thigh:18.5โ€ (47cm) | leg inseam:31โ€ (79cm)ย 

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