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China Trip !!!

    Finally got time to sit down and post a photo-diary of my trip!!! As you guys know I went to three places this vacation – china, Singapore, japan! 
    I mainly went back to China to get my pre-wedding photos done – Because the pre-wedding shots in Toronto cost like, 10 times more literally than the Chinese counterparts. AND they don’t have nice and theatric backdrops… like this one!!!
    It’s crazy the interior of the shooting “factory” consists of a gazillion different scenes and backgrounds and real-life props so the wedding pics can turn out to be totally different than if you were to take it in Canada (given that most wedding photographers tend to just find a bald spot in the middle of nowhere with nothingness and shoot) AND we are having that on our actual wedding day.
    They strictly forbid people to take their own pics using their props…but I was like, yolo what are you gonna do, catch me and report me to the Chinese police who will contact the Singapore authorithies who may deport me back to Canada…? #Idon’tthinkso. #ifsofreeticket
    So after the pre-wedding shoot, most of my days in China were spent chilling, eating, shopping, and sleeping. But I still managed to get a photoshoot / videoshoot in…which will be featured in my lookbook vid next!!! <3 I will never get sick of croptops and neither should you!
    There’s a reason “Selfie” was the word of the year 
    HAHAHA~ look at my fiancé / photographer / videographer / image director / creative manager / digital specialist / marketing programmer!! 
    And then I’m Singapore!!!!! Singapore is my home town and is way too sexy for just one post, so I’m gonna split it into two…and pre-warning it may be pic heavy!!! <3
    Thanks for reading and catching up with my photo-vacay-diary!!!
    xoxo, Mango 

    21 thoughts on “China Trip !!!”

    1. ohhhhhh my goodness!!!

      You look absolutely stunning…The dresses are so, so , so beautiful and you look gorgeous! that first dress made my jaw drop!

    2. Hey Mango!! OMG I’ve been waiting for these photos!! You look like such an angel with the wedding dresses, I can imagine that you’ll look so incredibly stunning on your wedding day. :) Looks like you and your fiance had a lot of fun on your trip to China, and you look so sexy with crop tops, it’s my favourite outfit of yours :) Can’t wait to see more photos, especially from Singapore. And of course the pre-wedding photos! I think it’s really sweet of you that you’re sharing those precious moments with us. Thanks a lot hun! <3

      Take care always, love Christine ~ xo

    3. Mango you look stunning as always, but even more so in the white gown! <3 And you made me LOL-ed literally on the metro when I read the part about ‘yolo I don’t care I need to take pictures with their props’! You go girl! XD
      Aw your trip sounds so wonderful! x


    4. OMG you look soooo beautiful <3333 I’ll be looking forward to more photos of your pre-wedding shoot!

      HAHAHA~ look at my fiancé / photographer / videographer / image director / creative manager / digital specialist / marketing programmer!! what.

    5. These are so pretty! *O* Esp the scenery I think looks so convincing! I’m going to China this summer too and I’m hoping to get another photoshoot ^^. I want to see more cuz they’re so beautiful!


    6. MANGOOOO!!! WOW!!! YOU ARE SUPER PRETTY IN THOSE DRESSES!!!! <3 <3 <3 I CAN”T WAIT TO SEE YOUR WEDDING PHOTOS!!!! <3 <3 <3 WISH THE VERY BEST!!! =) Hoping to go visit there one day, the scenery is so pretty!!

      <3 from Chuonie

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